TSLA Investors needs a new CEO and stock buy program for shares to bounce back

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Stock last traded at $150.23 USD, down a whooping -249.70 (-62.44%) year to date. There are several reasons for the stock prices to plummet including divided attention from Elon Musk between TSLA and Twitter and his recent TSLA stock sale. Elon has repeatedly maintained that he won’t be selling any more TSLA stock but his recent TSLA stock sale has affected his credibility with investors. Tesla stock is down roughly 30% since he took over his social media platform. 

TSLA Stock Chart

Tesla’s third-largest individual shareholder, Leo KoGuan, is among those asking for a permanent successor. “Elon was the proud father,” wrote KoGuan in a tweet on Wednesday. “Tesla has grown up, an executioner, Tim Cook-like is needed, not Elon.” AAPL stock has grown roughly tenfold since Cook took the reins in the middle of 2011 and looks like its time for TSLA to have a new CEO for renewed growth.