Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ: AEHR) Receives an Order of $10.8 Million for Production Test of Silicon Carbide Semiconductors

Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ: AEHR) is a global supplier of reliability qualification and semiconductor test equipment that which recently announced that it had received a single purchase order worth $10.8 million from its top burn-in and silicone carbide test client (for WaferPack Contactors and numerous FOX-XP systems) to help meet the company’s increased production and manufacturing capacity requirements. This client is a top Fortune 500 firm in the semiconductor supply industry and has a huge client base in the power semiconductor market. The WaferPaks and FOX systems are expected to arrive within the next few months.

Aehr Test System’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Gayn Erickson, said that the follow-on orders for more WaferPaks and FOX-XP systems are a result of their close working relationship with this particular lead client to get their validation and test requirements for their WaferPak contractors and FOX-P platform as product qualification solutions. In addition, this lead client is expected to continue making purchase orders for several more WaferPak Contactors and FOX systems over the next couple of years because of the demand for burn-in and semiconductor tests for electric cars.

The CEO further stated that all the silicon carbide-based FOX-XP platforms are designed to test 18 silicon carbide wafer contractors in parallel to the footprint of one wafer test solution. And, it can do this while testing and contacting 100% of the parallel devices on either wafer. He claims that their solution can test 150mm and 100mm diameter silicone carbide-based wafers, as well as the 200mm diameter wafers expected in the market in the coming years. In addition, Aehr Test Systems offers fully integrated options that include WaferPak Aligners, WaferPak Contractors, and test systems.

The FOX-XP platform can conduct functional tests and cycling/burn-in of integrated devices like microcontrollers, magnetic sensors, Gallium Nitride, flash memories, 3D and 2D sensors, optical systems, and silicon photonics.