Nabriva Therapeutics PLC (NASDAQ:NBRV) Inks A Pact With Amplity Health To Improve Brand Awareness Of SIVEXTRO And XENLETA: Receives MAA For XENLETA To Treat CAP

Nabriva Therapeutics PLC (NASDAQ:NBRV) selected an experienced partner to promote and distribute its innovative and potential revenue-generating drug – SIVEXTRO. The CEO of Nabriva, Ted Schroeder, said the company is actively developing its foundation to relaunch its commercialization efforts for the community’s benefit.

Improves brand awareness of Sivextro

SIVEXTRO will play a vital role in demonstrating the capabilities of Nabriva because it is actively pursuing licensing opportunities and business development. The company recently selected a partner – Amplity Health, to support its efforts to improve brand awareness and develop an efficient and flexible sales force for SIVEXTRO and XENLETA.

Educates on health benefits of SIVEXTRO and XENLETA

Ted further said the company will provide information on the health benefits of these vital anti-infective treatment options to healthcare providers in their treating their patients. Over 225 million covered lives can now access Xenleta because Nabriva is strengthening its footprint in the US. Also, the recent approvals received for Xenleta from Canada, and the EU and an alliance with WEP Clinical enhanced the capability of Nabriva to improve patient access despite the challenges posed by the ongoing coronavirus.

Marketing authorization application for Xenleta

Nabriva received MAA (Marketing Authorization Application) for Xenleta from the EC (European Commission) on July 28, 2020, to treat adults with CAP (Community-Acquired Pneumonia) in the EU.

Health Canada approves Sunovion

Health Canada approved Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc on July 16, 2020, to sell IV (Intravenous) and oral formulation of Xenleta to cure adults suffering from CAP in Canada. Nabriva inked a commercialization and license agreement with Sunovion in March 2019, its revenue-generating product – Xenleta in Canada.

Signs exclusive pacts

Nabriva entered exclusive agreements with a specialist pharmaceuticals company – Wep Clinical on June 30, 2020, to ensure the availability of Xenleta on need basis under the Named Patient Program or expanded basis outside the US in Canada and China.

FDA awards CRL

The US FDA awarded a CRL (Complete Response Letter) to Nabriva for its NDA (New Drug Application) for Contepo. The company seeks marketing approval for Contepo to cure cUTIs (complicated urinary tract infections).

Nabriva reported revenues of $0.5 million in Q2 2020. The company reduced its spending on R&D to $1.6 million. Its SG&A expenses also dropped to $8.1 million.