Evofem Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: EVFM) Gets Its AMPOWER Study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

Evofem Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: EVFM) announced that data from its AMPOWER Study is now in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Data from the Phase III trial indicates that about 88.7% of female participants using Phexxi improved or maintained sexual satisfaction.

According to a practising gynaecologist, obstetrician, and lead study author, Todd Chappell, M.D, Phexxi is an on-demand, woman-controlled, non-hormonal contraceptive gel. This gel benefited their women’s sexual health without reducing their enjoyment.

Dr Chappell adds that the data shows the gel impact on the sexual satisfaction of women.

How the company conducted the study

For the study, researchers used 1330 sexually active women with regular cycles aged 18 to 35. They put them on Phexxi and then asked them to compare it with their past birth control. The women mentioned that they experienced more sexual satisfaction than other birth control methods.

Moreover, about 93% stated that they would recommend Phexxi to other women. The team also asked other questions to gauge their reaction to Phexxi. These included a questionnaire with ten questions to evaluate any sexual problems the women were experiencing. They also asked them 19 questions on lubrication during sex.

While the study was primarily meant to investigate the efficacy of Phexxi as a mode of birth control, the researchers also looked into its impact on sexual satisfaction.

The study focuses on other aspects of intimacy

Evofem’s CEO, Saundra Pelletier, adds that the company appreciates the people that participated in the study. From the trial, they learned about issues linked to reproductive and sexual health.

Pelletier adds that there is more to intimacy than reproduction. For this reason, the company was happy to get data on the sexual health of its market and work on improving their experiences. Pelletier states that the company will continue to work on reproductive and sexual health.

Like most medications, Phexxi isn’t without side effects. For example, it could lead to kidney and bladder infections. While this is rare (0.36%), the company cautions women who have urinary tract complications not to use the contraceptive.

Evofem also warns women to watch out for specific symptoms when using Phexxi. They include discharge, itching, and UTI, among others.  If these happen, the woman should immediately seek medical assistance.