How to Find Speculative Value in the Blockchain Space (RIOT, URYL, SQ, COIN, OSTK, BKKT, HIVE)

The blockchain revolution is now more or less the consensus take on the intermediate-term evolution of technology industry growth as a factor driving change across many other industries, including finance, healthcare, agriculture, and heavy industries like mining and energy.

This revolution has many faces for investors, with crypto, NFTs, cybersecurity, and fintech making up just a few areas of interest. 

There’s also a demographic component as an estimated $68 trillion in total inheritance value makes its way from baby boomers to millennials and zoomers over the next few years (based on Morgan Stanley analysis). Decentralized technology has a special place in the hearts and minds of younger investors, making blockchain a core premise for portfolio construction over the next decade.

This puts a number of stocks in the spotlight, such as Riot Blockchain Inc. (Nasdaq:RIOT), Block Inc. (NYSE:SQ), Coinbase Global Inc. (Nasdaq:COIN), Inc. (Nasdaq:OSTK), Bakkt Holdings Inc. (NYSE:BKKT), and Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:HIVE).

But there’s a more speculative name that we want to take a closer look at today because it sits right at the heart of the space but has yet to see meaningful upside repricing on speculative money flows: United Royale Holdings Corp. (OTC US:URYL).

The only real news you’re going to find from URYL is its acquisition of TrueNorth Quantum Inc. last November. 

It appears as though the company is in the process of officially changing its name to TrueNorth Quantum Inc. – pending approval from FINRA. You can find out more at

TrueNorth is the creator of the Northern Shield cloud platform, which is a key evolutionary leap in the technology involved in building institutional-grade decentralized applications for FinTech, MedTech, AgTech, and HealthTech. In short, the TrueNorth Quantum vision is a new, decentralized economy that empowers disruption and enables innovation across industries currently weighed down with transaction friction and security risks.

Basically, if you run a business that hasn’t yet transitioned to a decentralized technology foundation, get in touch with these folks and you’ll be up and running with the latest tech in no time. The company boasts that its customers can launch in-market up to 5x faster than through other platforms due to its flexible microservices architecture, which enables a rapid build process, and its interoperability across complex technical environments.

Given the ongoing transition from legacy last-century tech to blockchain and decentralized infrastructure – which will be a core investment premise for years to come – this is a huge and growing niche.

For URYL, it isn’t just about companies transitioning to decentralized tech for the first time. The upgrade cycle is enormous, and TrueNorth boasts the latest leading platform.

In fact, within the next 12 months, Gartner estimates that 90% of enterprise blockchain applications will require immediate replacement to maintain security, remain competitive, and avoid obsolescence.

Shares of United Royale Holdings Corp. (OTC US:URYL) (soon to be TrueNorth Quantum) have yet to see a ton of interest, but we would take that as a sign that active market participants haven’t found the stock yet. Given its positioning, they will eventually. It could be following official granting of the company’s name change, which suggests that the smart money will be looking at the stock now before that shift.