Could Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) Launch on Alcohol Substitute Amazon Launch?

It’s important to point out interesting new products from small-cap companies because they hold the potential to mature into game-changing ideas that reshape the landscape.

While one never knows the future, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t point out something new from Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) this morning: the Company’s Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers are now live for sale on the platform and on Amazon Prime.

The key here is to understand the basic premise: The company states that this product, when consumed in the form of a cocktail, will, due to its cannabinoid content, feel pretty much like a glass of wine or a beer or a light cocktail, but with no alcohol.


The Skinny

Even if the product falls short of this description a little, one can still reasonably imagine it becoming a raging success. Alcohol is a tremendous success as a product across most of the world despite a tragic track record. The trade-offs are immense, which suggests something of the value placed on it by consumers in the moment.

As a thought exercise, imagine if I told you I had something to give you that would make you feel good and make you want to consume more of it, but, if consumed regularly, would almost certainly make you gain weight and age faster, and might possibly kill you over time in a number of ways… Would you still consume it given all of that knowledge?

The answer to that question, for most people, is probably: it depends on how good it makes me feel.

The story of “alcohol as a successful product in the world today” is basically that it must feel good enough for the vast majority of people to continue to consume it even given its well known shortcomings and risks.

All of that begs the question: how valuable might something be if it could give you the positive feeling without the negative consequences? It’s effectively the age-old idea of having your cake and eating it, too – the seemingly too-good-to-be-true good-without-the-bad third way out of compromise. It’s an of-age toddler’s wish come true. It’s a weight-loss work-out that involves eating ice cream. It’s broccoli that tastes like chocolate.

And, now, courtesy of Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL), it’s on Amazon.


The Bigtime?

This is all the more interesting because Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBGL) isn’t exactly a household name in investing circles. It’s an OTC stock that has started to make some waves with its IP-centric process, but has so far failed to catch the eye of Reddit investor chats or the Robinhood crowd.

Sure, it has some strong products and six patents in process. Sure, it just entered the California cannabis delivery business. Sure, it has potentially invented a process to commercially produce “exotic cannabinoids” at scale for the first time and nano-infuse them into coffee pods.

There’s a lot here to like.

But, from the standpoint of today’s market mood, none of that has been enough to break through into the spotlight of crowd enthusiasm. A lot of potential value may have been built up, but the stock needs a catalyst to spark something more.

Well, folks, it’s hard to imagine what might better serve in that role than news of its magic elixir – Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers, which purportedly create a feeling similar to light alcohol consumption without the alcohol – now being let loose on the biggest e-commerce stage on the planet.

According to the release, the Company’s Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers currently come in three flavors: Margarita Jalapeño (see here), Skinny Classic Cosmopolitan (see here), and Hibiscus Mint Lemon (see here). The Preparation of a Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktail is simple: add 1-2 oz of mixer along with ice and sparkling water. No alcohol is needed. The Hemp You Can Feel™ mixers provide an experience on par with light alcohol consumption, but without any of the harmful side effects of alcohol.

“Our in-house research suggests these mixers have tremendous home-run potential as a popular product line,” remarked Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global. “Almost universally, the feeling of having a cocktail is desirable, but the collateral consequences of chronic alcohol consumption are well documented and certainly well understood by most consumers. We only recently launched the Hemp You Can Feel™ hemp-based alcohol substitute cocktail mixers. But getting this line of products on the powerful platform widens our reach immensely.”

The next time your kid complains that there’s no magic left in the world, maybe pour yourself a glass of one of these and find out for yourself.



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