Imv Inc (NASDAQ:IMV) Provides Update On Its COVID-19 Vaccine Program

Imv Inc (NASDAQ:IMV) recently released an update about the COVID-19 vaccine that it has been developing, revealing that it has been making rapid progress.

The update which the company released on July 14 highlighted the rapid advancements that the company has achieved with the COVID-19 vaccine pursuit ever since it commenced that journey. IMV is one of the pharmaceutical companies that have been compelled to join the pursuit of a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, which is currently a global pandemic. The company revealed that it has been working closely with collaborators and regulatory agencies to ensure that clinical studies are conducted as fast as possible.

“The design of the phase 1 clinical study, agreed with Health Canada, is a randomized controlled study, assessing the safety and immunogenicity of DPX-COVID-19, in 84 healthy adults across two age cohorts,” stated IMV’s Chief Executive Officer, Frederic Ors.

The first cohort features adults between 18 and 55 years old, and the second cohort will feature individuals above 56 years old. IMV’s developmental COVID-19 virus is called DPX-COVID-19, and it will be administered in 25μg or 50μg dose levels. The CEO also pointed out that IMV was pleased that Health Canada approved the phase 1 trial design.

Orcs also noted that the target selection’s rapid progress, as well as other areas of focus, such as the vaccine formulation, preclinical results, and manufacturing, highlight the potential of IMV’s delivery platform. The CEO also revealed that the DPX-based vaccine demonstrated a significant ability to promote long-lasting and safe immune responses, especially in older adults in early-stage clinical trials.

DPX-COVID-19 is based on IMV’s innovative delivery platform that aims to achieve sustained and targeted immune response in vivo. The company also identified virus spike areas that could potentially cause vaccine-enhanced illness. These areas have been excluded from the target areas as part of the company’s aim to reduce risk, thus increasing the vaccine’s safety profile.

Some of the important milestones that the company has achieved so far include producing multiple batches, completing the vaccine’s current good manufacturing practice (“cGMP”) formulation and production processes. Clinical trials have also demonstrated a strong viral neutralization capacity. These milestones demonstrate IMV’s impressively rapid progress considering that it only launched.