Evofem Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: EVFM) Recently Executed an Agreement With VitaCare Prescription Services

Evofem Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: EVFM) recently announced the execution of a partnership agreement with VitaCare prescription services. The agreement stipulates the parties’ collaboration to distribute effective white-glove backup products and services to women consumers who opt to utilise VitaCare services. The latter provides its consumers with diagnosed Phexxi, which targets conditions such as lactic acid and potassium bitartrate.

VitaCare would improve the relationship between physicians and their patients

VitaCare will assist the consumers in understanding more about Phexxi, including its payment systems, and strengthens the relationship between physicians and patients. Katherine Atkinson, Evofem’s Chief Commercial Officer, recently stated that the execution of the agreement seriously promotes the technology, thus creating its awareness with consumers across the globe. Atkinson further says that the recent partnership cements the organisation’s capacity to create good products and services. 

The company lists the side effects of the drug

Phexxi is a modernised version of the birth control regimen that reduces the risk of pregnancy. However, Phexxi is not successful if it is consumed after coitus. Following its launch, a few consumers reported chronic side effects, including kidney infections. The physicians further advised consumers with urinary tract situations should not consume the pill. Physicians also cautioned consumers to consult a doctor if they were undergoing severe side effects.

The severe side effects include genital discomfort and yeast infections. These side effects can also be observed in male partners, thus the urgency. It is common knowledge. However, physicians caution that the pill does not possess the ability to safeguard an individual against contracting sexually transmitted illnesses and HIV. It is also crucial to consult a doctor on which birth control is adequate for the individual’s system.

The company is the frontline organisation that creates and commercialises different products that can be utilised to improve women’s sexuality. Evofem creates avenues that attempt to solve any problem that affects the woman’s reproductive health.  These issues include the development of contraceptives that use fewer hormones compared to the other types of developed contraceptives. Evofem also possesses a talented team of employees responsible for the accomplishments published in the company’s portfolio.