Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: KALA) Recently Issued an Update on Its Drug Approval by the FDA

Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc ( NASDAQ: KALA) recently updated its shareholders on the latest decision made by UnitedHealth care to place EYSVIS as part of its commercialized brand in 2022. As a result, the compound will form the commercialized brand from March 2022, thus making the compound available to an estimated 118 million consumers across the country. The amount of consumers the compound anticipated to assist is equivalent to 70% of the country’s population.

The company will work with Cigna Medicare to distribute the drug

The company further announced that it had executed an agreement with Cigna Medicare to distribute the compound to affected consumers. Cigna Medicare also created various plans to distribute the compounds to 7.1 million consumers. In addition, Todd Bezamore, the company’s chief operating officer, released a statement saying that the company anticipates other partnerships to assist in distributing the compound across the globe.

EYSUIS holds the record for the fastest drug approved by the FDA

EYSUIS is a drug approved by the food and drug administration in the shortest period recorded in history. Various physicians and health officials use the drug to treat and reduce the rate of dry eye illness.

The drug utilizes its means of technology and its powerful mucus substance to be administered into the affected region. During Kala’s research, the drug technology added the rate of transmission into the affected tissues quicker than other traditional treatments of dry eye illness. Following its submission, the FDA authorized the compound’s commercial use on the 26th of October 2020.

The company anticipates that the drug’s potential will assist in various medical treatments such as therapy. EYSUIS also assists in managing the known symptoms of illnesses such as eye infection and dry eyes flares, among others.

The company focuses on identifying, creating, and commercializing any effective eye treatment. In addition, Kala Pharmaceuticals developed a technology that enabled the production and approval of certain known drugs.

The drugs under the company’s portfolio include ESYUVIS and INVELTYS, among others. In addition, Kala’s portfolio also consists of various programs such as the KPI-012, a secretive candidate in its clinical phases.