Zogenix (NASDAQ: ZGNX) Announces Sponsorship of a United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Genetic Testing Project 

Zogenix (NASDAQ: ZGNX) has announced that it is sponsoring a new no-cost gene testing program, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Pilot Genetic Testing Project, in collaboration with UMDF and Probably Genetic, assist patients to get a confirmed genetic mitochondrial disease diagnosis.

Qualified patients can participate in the study 

Any qualified patient in the United States with a probable diagnosis of mitochondrial illness can participate in the study. Mitochondrial illnesses are a set of rare, disabling diseases that can have a significant impact on everyday life and quality of life and be deadly.

The company’s EVP and Chief Medical Officer Bradley Galer said, “Because mitochondrial diseases affect various organs and tissues, the path to diagnosis can be challenging and long. We are proud to offer no-cost genetic testing to help expand access to these much-needed genetic tests to shorten the diagnostic journey and help patients and their families seek appropriate care.”

The UMDF Pilot Genetic Testing Project would be a no genetic screening initiative for individuals with a probable mitochondrial dysfunction that the patients will initiate. Patients just complete an online symptoms questionnaire and are sent the test kit if they qualify. Then, the patient does the saliva-based home test. Once test findings are confirmed, genetic advice is given to patients, their families, and caretakers.

Genetic testing necessary for patients and physicians 

Science and Alliance Officer UMDF Philip Yeske said, “It’s critically important that both physicians and patients/caregivers understand the value of genetic testing, as often both are hesitant due to lack of information, awareness and/or cost. We’re honored to partner with Zogenix on this novel approach to potentially enabling earlier diagnosis of mitochondrial diseases to help better support patients and caregivers who are desperately seeking answers.”

The TK2 gene will be tested as part of the UMDF study. TK2d is a severe and potentially fatal genetic condition that develops severe muscle weakening over time. Genetic screening is the quickest and most straightforward technique to confirm a TK2d diagnosis. The company is now studying MT1621, a late-stage experimental nucleoside medication for the management of TK2d.