AbCellera Biologics Inc (NASDAQ: ABCL) and Everest Medicines Limited Announce Partnership to Discover Therapeutic Antibodies

AbCellera Biologics Inc (NASDAQ: ABCL) and Everest Medicines Limited announced that the two have partnered to discover therapeutic antibodies. The multi-year partnership is licensed. Under the association for up to 10 hand-picked targets, therapeutic antibodies will be discovered. Through the partnership, Everest Medicines Limited aims to expand its portfolio of novel medicines across a range of indications. The pioneering programs will focus on oncology targets. 

The partnership aims to deliver therapies to patients across the world

After the partnership was inked, the CEO and President of AbCellera Biologics Inc shared that the group is happy to join hands with Everest Medicines Limited. The partnership aims to create a thriving pipeline of innovative medicines to cater to the needs of patients in Asia and other parts of the world. The partnership brings together a discovery source and capabilities to develop clinical solutions and the platform to deliver therapies at a fast pace to patients geographically located anywhere in the world. 

AI-powered antibody discovery platform will help fast track discovery initiatives

The partnership will give the Everest Medicines Limited team access to the state-of-the-art facilities of AbCellera Biologics Inc. In addition, the antibody discovery platform, powered by AI technology, can enhance the outcome of the in-house discovery efforts. 

As per the terms and conditions of the partnership, Everest Medicines Limited can develop and commercialize antibodies produced due to the collaboration. Meanwhile, AbCellera Biologics Inc. will receive research payments. In addition, the group is also eligible to receive fees and royalties that are earned from net sales of products. Everest Medicines Limited will make the payments as and when they need to be made. 

Everest Medicines Limited is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes solutions in transformative pharmaceutical products. The solutions are used to cater to patients’ critical and otherwise unmet medical needs in Asia markets. The group has an excellent track record of developing and introducing high-quality clinical solutions. To tide over the problem in drug development, AbCellera Biologics Inc. joins hands with drug dealers of all sizes, empowers them, thus, enabling them to work at a quick pace and smoothly.