Toughbuilt Industries Inc (NASDAQ: TBLT) Unveils a Multi-Functional Scraper and Utility Knife to Simplify Work for Professional Builders and Painters

Toughbuilt Industries Inc (NASDAQ: TBLT) continues to invest in developing solutions to enable customers to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Analysts applaud its focus on innovating category-leading products such as the recently unveiled multi-functional scraper and utility knife. The new tool will enable painters and serious DIY homeowners to work more effectively. The other group that stands to gain from using the unique tool happens to be the professional builders.

The effectiveness of the new tool

The company considers the newly-unveiled tool part of its second line of hand tools and encourages customers to buy. It directs the customers to visit the various outlets nationwide at Lowe’s USA Customers could also buy the tool from the select independent retailers spread out worldwide.

ToughBuilt’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Panosian opines, “Our multi-functional scraper and utility knife is the perfect tool for professional builders, painters and serious DIY homeowners, and is designed to easily alternate between uses and engineered for high performance.”

Panosian’s take

Panosian looks forward to brighter times ahead where the company will succeed in advancing its product line. It will be about boosting the company’s revenue streams and helping it improve its current position in the industry. He hopes the developmental trend will continue in years to come as they introduce new innovative SKUs. They will also be seeking to unveil new innovative SKU’s and expand their retail presence globally.

The multi-functional scraper and utility knife happens to be the company’s first of three-to-four product launches set to be unveiled over the remaining section of 2021. Panosian vows that he will continue supporting the company in its efforts towards developing category-leading products that serve the diverse needs of the customers. He believes they have the required expertise to develop tools that serve the required roles and boost working efficiency. In addition, the company has provided a link to videos customers could watch to learn more about the product.