Detmar turns to Hyliion Holdings Corp (NYSE: HYLN) 300 Hypertruck ERX™ Units as a Part of Expanding their Fleet Electrification Cooperation

Hyliion Holdings Corp (NYSE: HYLN) has won Detmar’s confidence with its Hypertruck ERX™, which happens to be top-notch technology with the capacity to enable it to accelerate its growth. Reports Detmar accomplishing a lot towards expanding its fleet operations and hopes to achieve its set targets utilizing Hyliion’s Hypertruck ERX™.

Working on reducing carbon emissions

Hyliion Holdings Corp happens to be a top-performing service provider for electrified powertrain solutions, and its main area of focus has been the Class 8 semi-trucks. It reveals details regarding Detmar Logistics LLC’s reservation deal execution that covers 300 Hypertruck ERX™ systems.

Hyliion Holdings Corp describes the Hypertruck ERX™ as an electric powertrain that will bring to life the possibility of reducing emissions, cutting down operational costs, and providing superior performance. It will rely on the onboard natural gas generator generally used for the Class 8 commercial trucks for recharging purposes, and that is how it will achieve the above set targets.

There happen to be over 700 commercial natural gas vehicle filling stations spread out across North America, and the company seeks to utilize them for long-range and quick refueling. Hyliion Holdings Corp considers refueling using renewable natural gas a good thing because it significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Thomas and his perspective

Detmar happens to be one of the early adopters of electrification in the oil and gas segment. In Spring, it placed an order of 10 Hyliion Hybrid Electric units.

The Founder and CEO of Hyliion, Thomas Healy, opine, “We are thrilled to add another chapter to a growing relationship with a business that shares our vision for reducing carbon emissions in the commercial transportation industry. Detmar is setting the pace with their commitment to alternative fuels and their readiness to power their entire fleet with low emission solutions.”