All For One Media (AFOM) in Focus as the Drama Drama Train Leaves the Station

Investment capital has been flowing toward entertainment stocks as part of a broad reopening trade that has swept up family fun centers, movie theaters, casual dining, cruise lines, and everything under the sun that was depressed up and down the chain by the global pandemic health crisis over the past 15 months.

We would point out one particularly interesting small-cap stock that might represent a deep-value opportunity given its under-the-radar status and the timing in place for the its own “reopening” as it works to get current on past filings: All For One Media Corp (OTCMKTS:AFOM) looks for all the world to be in the process of launching a potential billion dollar brand off the ground right under the nose of the crowd.

AFOM is well-situated to thrive in the reopening trade context, at least superficially, because its operations are tied to the movie industry – as social distancing rules are relaxed, movie audiences grow, and production teams see more investment in new projects in turn, driving growth projections higher in the space. It all adds up. AFOM just released a motion picture, so it fits into that narrative. Nice and tidy.

However, a look under the surface suggests this company has structured its strategy for the streaming marketplace, which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year.

All For One’s primary asset in play right now is tween motion picture ‘dramedy’ sensation, Drama Drama, which features five teen girl performers with mountains of talent who navigate the archetypal social pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities so central to the high school experience.

The movie has received rave reviews from the most demographically appropriate sources, including J-14, the magazine Amazon ranks as #1 for tween girls. J-14’s review called Drama Drama “our new movie musical obsession”. The review also compared the film to High School Musical, and added, “there’s no way you can watch without getting Drama Drama’s songs stuck in your head”.

But the story for AFOM is about much more than just a movie.

The Coming Drama Drama Revolution

If you have tween girls in the house, then you can probably assume you will hear something about Drama Drama in the next six months. And we aren’t just talking about the movie.

It turns out that the same five girls who star in the film – Ana Golja, Zonta, Carlye Tamaren, Amelia DeMilo, and Michelle DeFraites – are also rock stars on the make, heading for future stardom in the ranks of the global Girl Group craze.

This is where the story for All For One Media Corp (OTCMKTS:AFOM) starts to get more interesting.

The movie is actually a 100-minute marketing vehicle, filled with viral dance numbers and an infectious soundtrack laced with potential hits meant to worm into your tween daughter’s brain. That sets up the next step, when Drama Drama, the global girl group sensation, takes off on a worldwide media and concert tour.

All of this, according to the company, is already in motion now that the soundtrack to Drama Drama is available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The motion picture started streaming on all major platforms earlier this month, including iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Vudu, Fandango Now, Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, DirectTV, and Dish, among others.

The most immediate next step: AFOM’s most recent press release states that the group plans to drop its first fresh post-movie single on August 1, 2021.

One might think of that date as the official start of phase two of the Drama Drama brand-building venture.

Branding is Everything

This is a fact often unappreciated by entrepreneurs and investors. Just because you have the most efficient X or the highest quality Y doesn’t mean you have the attention of your end market. At the end of the day, the point where someone decides to allocate money in exchange for a good or service is the only point that determines sales.

The establishment of a strong brand with high end-market awareness depends on many things. But one of those things is the nature of that end market. All For One Media Corp (OTCMKTS:AFOM) may have figured out something important: the tween girl market represents a $260 billion in US domestic juggernaut that is naturally conducive to viral trends.

If you have something capable of resonating in that king of space, you don’t need a billion-dollar marketing budget. You just need enough exposure to get past the tipping point.

The company’s movie is that exposure. And it already appears to be catching on. Given reviews like that from the top tween girl magazine, clearly the company has something capable of resonating in the tween girl space.

It will be interesting to watch momentum build from here now that the soundtrack is everywhere, the movie is everywhere, and the company has retained commercial rights to the film, the merchandise, the media, the music, and the group all the way through to this key point.


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