Assembly Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:ASMB) Signs Exclusive Agreement With Door Pharmaceuticals for HBV Modulators Development

Assembly Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:ASMB) has entered an exclusive two-year partnership and options deal with Door Pharmaceuticals for the development of proprietary hepatitis B virus core proteins modulators class.

Door Pharmaceuticals has a proprietary discovery platform targeting core protein functions differently from viral assembly with the potential of interference with viral nucleic acid such as cccDNA transcription. The platform will complement Assembly Biosciences’ current portfolio.

Assembly Bio to get an exclusive licensing option for developed compounds

According to the agreement terms, Door Pharmaceuticals will build on its prior effort to spearhead and carry discovery research supported with funding from Assembly Bio. On the other hand Assembly Bio will get an exclusive licensing option for compounds resulting from the collaboration in return for royalties and success-based achievements as well as an upfront payment. Assembly bio will also continue developing and commercializing optioned products from the collaborations. The companies didn’t disclose the financial details of the agreement.

Virology of Assembly Biosciences’ Chief Scientific Officer, William Delaney said that the company’s Co-founder, Adam Zlotnick established Door Pharmaceuticals. He said that Door Pharmaceuticals’ research resulted in the discovery of core inhibitors comprising of Assembly Biosciences’ clinical program. Delaney praised Adam as a true innovator adding that the collaboration is a continuation of the work they have been doing together. He added that they are delighted to build upon the current HBV core inhibitors pipeline with insight from a science-oriented company sharing Assembly Bio’s focus and passion for delivering novel treatment alternatives for HBCV patients.

Door Pharmaceuticals continuing collaboration with Assembly Bio

Zlotnick said that he is excited at the chance to contribute to Assembly Bios’ advancement of its core inhibitor platform under the partnership. He added that there is a strong mechanistic foundation for the possible roles core inhibitors are playing in HBV treatment. He added that they are optimistic that the complementary action mechanisms of the core protein modulators will provide a significant therapeutic pathway towards the discovery of an HBV treatment. HBV is a debilitating liver disease affecting more than 250 million people globally.