Intellia Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: NTLA) Presented Preclinical Data on NTLA-6001

Intellia Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: NTLA) announced it presented preclinical data at the Precision Genome Engineering Conference, Keystone Symposia. The purpose of the presentation is to support NTLA-6001. Intellia developed this therapy via its CAR-T platform. It is to treat hematologic cancers such as refractory or relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma by targeting CD30.

The therapy resolves pathogenicity issues

According to Laura Sepp-Lorenzino, the company’s chief scientific officer, the company was proud to present its data as it resulted in the therapy’s nomination. Moreover, the treatment is the only one from the company’s platform, which uses various LNP-delivered gene edits to produce immune rejection shielded T cells.

She adds that the company’s method resolved challenges in pathogenicity. Fortunately, it also ensures that the cells maintain attributes that kill tumours. The company hopes to develop a drug further so that it could gain from the benefits of an IND.

To come up with its findings, Intellia used in vivo and in Vitro mouse models. The company found that the T cells that its platform created could avoid immunogenic attacks. For this reason, the cells avoided reactions from CD8 and CD8 T cells. Furthermore, they received protection from Natural killer cells.

The T cells, which the company sequentially engineered with LNPs, also maintained high cytokine secretion, cytotoxic, memory phenotype, cell expansion, and high viability characteristics.

Intellia creates therapies using its CRISP technology

Intellia is a company that focuses on gene editing to develop therapies for various diseases. The company uses CRISPR technology to make its treatments. Moreover, it uses two approaches while using this technology.

In its first approach, the company administers therapies intravenously and in vivo. This method enables the company to target specific genes more specifically, thus making gene-editing more accurate.

For the second approach, the company deals in ex vivo experiments. It developed therapies by engineering human cells and using them to create treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Intellia has developed a few in vivo therapies including NTLA-2001 for treating transthyretin amyloidosis and NTLA-2002 for treating hereditary angioedema. Its ex vivo programs are NTLA-5001 for treating acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and other therapies for testing several autoimmune and oncological diseases.