The Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology and Ikena Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: IKNA) Are Partnering to Explore the RAS and Hippo Pathways

The Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology and Ikena Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: IKNA) are collaborating to generate and explore biomarker and tumour-specific data from specific patients. The parties will use their findings to develop cancer therapies. They will even use it to further the RAS and Hippo pathways Ikena is investigating.

Ikena could access information that is not available to the public

The collaboration will allow Ikena to expand its knowledge on the RAS and Hippo pathways for cancer patients. As a result, it will help them create a strategy for drug development. Vall d’Hebron, on the other hand, will further its studies in targeted and personalised therapies.

According to Ikena’s chief development officer, Jeffery Ecsedy, the collaboration demonstrates the company’s dedication to developing treatments for cancer patients in specific populations. The partnership will also give Ikena access to information that it wouldn’t find in the public domain. 

This information includes response, biomarker, diagnostic, and unit model data. The company will also access top researchers. Ecsedy adds that the study is monumental for both parties. It will allow Ikena to develop therapies for cancer patients. For Vall d’Hebron, this will be the only multidisciplinary study that the institute has done with a drug company.

Since the institute is linked to a hospital of the same name, Ikena would have access to several patients for its study. Vall d’Hebron also has renowned professionals who could work with Ikena to help the company reach its goals.

The RAS and Hippo pathways are essential in cancer

Joseph Tabernero, M.D., the director at Vall d’Hebron states that the parties have a similar goal as they both hope to create targeted therapies for cancer patients. The collaboration will help them explore the RAS and Hippo pathways. These pathways play a role in cancer development. Studying them could help the organisations identify areas where they could drug them, thus helping patients.

He adds that researchers from the institute would be able to access novel molecules from Ikena. They will also benefit from the company’s expertise. These aspects would make it easy for the companies to understand cancer. As a result, they could create safer and more effective therapies for cancer. Dr Tabernero is also part of the scientific advisory board at Ikena.