Sorrento Therapeutics Inc’s (NASDAQ: SRNE) Subsidiary, Scilex Holding, Adds Laura Hamill to Its Board of Directors

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: SRNE) subsidiary, Scilex Holding, has added a new member to the board of directors. Laura Hamill, the appointee, has worked for over thirty years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recently, Hamill was Gilead’s Sciences Executive VP. Before that, she held various positions at Amgen Inc, where she worked for 18 years. Her last role at the company was as the General Manager and Senior VP.

Hamill’s work experience

Hamill has been in various therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular disease, virology, pain, oncology, and inflammation. She also makes part of the board at BB Biotech AnaptysBio, Unchained Labs, Y-mAbs Therapeutics and Pardes Biosciences. Hamill was also on Accceleron Pharmaceuticals Inc’s board before its acquisition.

Hamill acquired her business administration degree at the University of Arizona.

According to Henry Ji, Sorrento Therapeutics’ CEO and Chair and Scilex Holdings’ executive chairman, this is an excellent time for the company to appoint Hamill to the board. The reason is that Scilex on working on registering and developing SP-102. This drug could potentially treat sciatica.

The company hopes that this drug could help it expand its reach worldwide. Hamill is good for the company as she has worked in various therapeutic spaces. Moreover, her resume indicates that she has successfully managed to launch and commercialise any products.

Hamill has also expressed her excitement at joining the team. She explains that ZTildo, Scilex’s most significant project, could potentially experience success. Hamill is happy to be part of the late-stage commercial and clinical development plans. She hopes to help the company launch the drug successfully for treating chronic back again and sciatica.

The company develops non-opioid, non-addictive drugs for pain management 

The CEO and president of Scilex, Jaisim Shah, adds that the company is glad to introduce the company to Hamill who is a highly respected figure in the biopharmaceutical industry. She comes to the team when the company strives to create non-opioid and non-addictive therapies for pain management.

Shah adds that Hamill’s skills and experience complement the rest of the board members. For this reason, Shah is confident that Scilex will have all it requires to launch its treatment successfully.