Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE: ATNM) and Immedica Biopharma partner on Iomab-B

Immedica Biopharma and Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE: ATNM) have entered a supply and license agreement. Their agreement involves Iomab-B that Actinium created to improve bone marrow transplantation and other gene and cell therapies 

The companies began a Phase III study lf the drug in Q4 2021. They hope to release topline data in Q3 2022. Bone marrow transplant is the first treatment available to treat refractive, relapse or active AML.

Actinium could leverage Immedica’s reach in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East 

According to the CEO and Chairman of Actinium,  Sandesh Seth, the company is happy to work with Immedica. It has a team of highly qualified employees and experience commercialising products in North Africa, the Middle and Europe.

The regions have a significant population of AML patients, thus providing a good market opportunity for Iomab-B. The regions also have leading solid hospitals that perform bone marrow transplants.

Seth explains that while many drugs have been approved for AML, there is still limited therapy for the disease and little access to curative bone marrow transplants for people with refractory, relapsed and active disease. For this reason, the company is happy to work with Immedica and increase access to Iomab-B, which could benefit patients seeking a curative bone marrow transplant.

Immedica’s CEO, Anders Edvell, adds that this move gives the company the chance to give patients in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East access to a new treatment. He adds that Iomab-B could potentially address a need for many patients in these areas. Furthermore, Immedica hopes to strengthen its collaboration with the company to benefit hospitals that treat AML and their patients.

Terms of the arrangement

As per the deal, Immedica will give Actinium an initial $35 million as payment. Afterwards, the company will receive up to $417 million after achieving commercial and regulatory milestones. Immedica, on the other hand, will have marketing rights in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

Actinium will keep its rights for the drug in the U.S and other countries. It will also be in charge of manufacturing and regulatory actions for the therapy.

Iomab-B works by directly transporting Iodine- 131 to the line marrow. For this reason, the drug eliminates the adverse effect linked to non-targeted therapy.