Actuate Therapeutics Recently Issued an Update on Its Phase Two Study of Elraglusib

Actuate Therapeutics recently executed a partnership with the University of Kansas Cancer Center to research and develop the elraglusib Drug. The partnership focuses on developing the Drug used by patients affected by advanced phases of pancreatic cancer.

During the announcement, the partnerships revealed that it had recruited its first patient as a test subject for its stage 2 clinical trials of elraglusib.

The company intends to make the drug safe for pancreatic cancer

The organizations intend to develop the elraglusib drug into an effective treatment for advanced stages of pancreatic cancer. The partnership conducted the study as per the regulations implemented by the relevant bodies and treaties.

The study entails combining two compounds, i.e., elraglusib, whose compound breaks into 9-ING-41 and gemcitabine. The two compounds will be issued to the patients in two stages, thus allowing the partnership to detail the progress of the drugs’ contribution.

The partnership revealed that its phase 2 study would entail 32 participants during the announcement, thus issuing a comprehensive result. The company’s spokesperson stated that it had done the necessary research and groundwork to create a template of what to expect while using the two compounds. In addition, the study aims to create awareness that allows other organizations to conduct further studies on the subject.

The partnership hopes that any other subsequent studies will develop from their conclusion. The results issued by the partnership revealed that phase 1 was a success and that the compound released excellent results that encouraged the next step. Apart from the partnership, Actuate is in the middle of researching the effect of using elraglusib only and recording its impact on cancer.

Actuate Therapeutics develops alternative treatments for cancer

The company is a well-known organization that assists in developing pharmaceutical drugs that creates enormous impacts on various diseases. In addition, it also creates alternative options for cancer treatments across the globe. The spokesperson revealed that its main focus was to try and eradicate or lower the impacts caused by severe illnesses across the globe. Any investor searching for information about the company can get it on its website or the stock market.