The GBT Foundation Announces the Submission of Applications for New Grants

The GBT foundation recently issued other organizations a chance to submit their applications for its latest sickle cell program. The program provides a call for organizations to create methods to reduce the rate of Sickle Cell Anemia through its Grant program.

The program can only issue funds to five startups in America

The program issues small-based organizations to create means to prevent, reduce or create awareness about the disease. The program will, in turn, provide the necessary funds to the desired startups and monitor their progress. However, during the announcement, the organization’s spokesperson revealed that it could only issue five grants worth $50,000 each and only the startups in America.

The organization attempts to create awareness about the disease by educating people about the disease and issuing any physician or caretaker with the requirements to fight the disease. The GBT foundation created a team of talented employees to review the applications and choose the desired five. A previous study highlighted that the Sickle Cell Anemia disease affects many patients worldwide, thus considered a health hazard by various international health bodies.

How sickle-shaped hemoglobin can cause anemia 

The illness is a genetic form of blood ailment that alters the shape and functions of blood components such as hemoglobin. The illness thus restricts oxygen levels to other parts of the body, thus giving rise to severe complications such as Anemia.

The symptoms of Sickle Cell Anemia include various mental illnesses, episodes of pain, frequent infections, and swollen feet and hands. The disease can be visibly spotted while the patient is a minor. Countries that recorded serious numbers of Sickle Cell Anemia include America, Europe, and South Africa, among others.

The foundation is the parent company of the GBT foundation and is among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. The funds are issued to companies that do not possess the resources and material to fight the diseases independently. The organization was established in 2011 and had various subsidiaries under its belt, including the GBT foundation. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries are on a mission to create an organization that provides alternatives to health treatments worldwide.