Lipocine Inc (NASDAQ: LPCN ) Issues Shareholders With an Update on LPCN 1144

Lipocine Inc (NASDAQ: LPCN) recently disclosed the position of its remodeled Drug LPCN 1144. In addition, the company disclosed details of its latest conference with the Food and Drug Administration to disclose the process of developing the Drug. Lipocine developed as a Drug to treat individuals, primarily men, affected with cirrhotic disorder.

Lipocine’s drug reduces cost of treatment

The company developed a drug that reduces the costs of unnecessary treatments that a patient uses while fighting fatty liver illness. The illness attacks an individual’s liver and develops into various liver abnormalities such as liver failure or death. 

 The Food and Administration Authority issued the company with some of the requirements needed to authorize this drug. In addition, the authority issued the 502(b)2 regulation for companies that develop drugs of the exact nature. The drug has undergone the necessary regulatory procedures; thus, the authority halted the clinical trials. The trials halted due to the mindful process the drug has undergone since its inception.

Lipocine received praise from the authority and various drug institutions for its remarkable discoveries in the study’s second phase. The company focused on male participants for 36 weeks, and its results were impressive enough to acquire praise from the authorities. However, the authority issued a few recommendations before awarding the necessary tools for stage 3. First, the authority recommended that Lipocine conduct further research before getting into stage 3 of the Drug’s development. 

Lipocine and the authority should schedule a follow-up meeting before the company begins phase 3 of the study. During the announcement, the company stated that it would issue the authority with the schematics for phase 3.  

LCPN 1107 is part of the company’s portfolio 

The company built its portfolio on award-winning developments such as the LCPN 1107, including delivery mechanisms of various and well-known drugs. In addition, the platform creates medicine for various illnesses such as NASH. 

The authority opened free lines of communication to the community that requires the Drug with a request or complaint on the issue. In addition, the company stipulated that once clinical trials are over, the product will be accessible to all those affected.