GBT Technologies (GTCH) goal is to use its AI technology to overcome long range radio systems challenges

The global artificial intelligence market is on track to hit more than $554 billion in total revenue by 2024, according to market researcher IDC (1). AI, automation and robotics are disrupting virtually every major industry. From machine learning to the “internet of things,” autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants and smart home appliances, companies that aren’t embracing AI and incorporating it into their business models risk going obsolete. Countless companies stand to benefit from AI, but a handful of companies have business models focused specifically on automation.

While there are several big board companies such as Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ:NVDA), Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT), International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM), Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), DocuSign Inc. (NASDAQ:DOCU),  ABB Ltd. (NYSE:ABB), NICE Ltd. (NASDAQ:NICE) that are currently either using or developing some sort of AI, a small cap company know as  GBT Technologies (OTC US:GTCH) needs mention.

GBT Technologies, Inc. (OTC US:GTCH) is a development stage company that considers itself a native of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Enabled Mobile Technology Platforms used to increase IC performance. GBT has assembled a team with extensive technology expertise and is building an intellectual property portfolio consisting of many patents. GBT’s mission, to license the technology and IP to synergetic partners in the areas of hardware and software.

Once commercialized, it is GBT’s goal to have a suite of products including smart microchips, AI, encryption, Blockchain, IC design, mobile security applications, database management protocols, with tracking and supporting cloud software (without the need for GPS). GBT envisions this system as a creation of a global mesh network using advanced nodes and super performing new generation IC technology. The core of the system will be its advanced microchip technology; technology that can be installed in any mobile or fixed device worldwide. GBT’s vision is to produce this system as a low-cost, secure, private-mesh-network between any and all enabled devices. Thus, providing shared processing, advanced mobile database management, and sharing while using these enhanced mobile features as an alternative to traditional carrier services.

As per Danny Rittman, GBT’s CTO “Our ultimate goal is to achieve an intelligent, long range radio system to facilitate global communication around the globe. The Infinia system is a long range, HF based, radio system that we believe will sustains harsh weather, rough terrain, and can be a great asset for civil and military organizations” (2)

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So it may be an AI-wise idea to get GTCH on your radar today. As always, conduct your own Due Diligence and follow traders vigilance.