Why Halberd Corp (OTCMKTS:HALB) Deserves a Look on Diversified Virus Response

If you haven’t heard of Halberd Corp (OTCMKTS:HALB), now is the time to take a first look.

If you’ve been asleep for the past nine months, we have some pretty startling news. Otherwise, you know that over 300K Americans have died from a horrible disease – one that is now killing the equivalent of one 9/11 disaster every single day for months on end.

Psychologists have started to develop new theories for how desensitized about “death” we have become as a society given the enormity of the loss and the relatively blasé response we are starting to adopt as a culture.

It has also penetrated the culture war to a large extent, infusing extra energy into the anti-mask and anti-vaccine movements, fueled by fringe “news” networks and “political entrepreneurs”. The result is a toxic cultural stew into which steps at least two, and possibly three, new apparently safe and effective pandemic vaccine solutions.

Biology Isn’t Everything

But how will they be received?

By all accounts, it’s “touch and go” at best, and apocalyptic at worst. Into this context step several brave companies with pragmatic alternative ideas – and they are more than welcome.

One of the most interesting is Halberd Corp (OTCMKTS:HALB), a company that holds the exclusive rights to a number of COVID-19 “extracorporeal treatment” technology provisional patent applications (“Method for Treating and Curing Covid-19 Infection;” “Method for Treating COVID-19 Inflammatory Cytokine Storm for the Reduction of Morbidity and Mortality in COVID-19 Patients;” “Method for Treating and Curing COVID-19 Infection by Utilizing a Laser to Eradicate the Virus,” and, “Nasal Spray To Prevent The Transmission Of Covid-19 Between Humans,” “Nasal Spray to Prevent the Transmission of Covid-19,” and “Method For Treating And Curing Covid-19 Infection By Utilizing Radiofrequency Extracorporeally To Eradicate The Virus”).

An extracorporeal treatment is simply a treatment that depends, at least in part, on something that isn’t infused, injected, ingested, or otherwise internally introduced into the body.

Given the (however misplaced) mistrust many Americans may have about a literal shot in the arm from the aristocratic ranks of the Big Pharma crowd, touted to solve the problem of an invisible enemy that has been the constant subject of political controversy, an extracorporeal solution could be an enormously fortunate and well-timed new player on the stage.

EC: Extra-Corporeal

Unfortunately, Halberd Corp (OTCMKTS:HALB) may be the only such player to fit that description. However, that could be conversely fortunate for HALB shareholders under certain potential circumstances.

The science is only part of the story. A vaccine doesn’t “work” if it isn’t accepted by the population that needs it. In our current context, other factors than strict biology will decide our fate. From all reasonable accounts, a true end to the nightmare of this pandemic is going to necessitate a diversified response.

With that in mind, HALB most recently announced that the company is pursuing development of its latest treatment variation in the fight against COVID-19. Halberd’s provisional patent application, “Method For Treating And Curing Covid-19 Infection By Utilizing Radio Frequency Extracorporeally To Eradicate The Virus,” was filed last month. The procedure is designed to treat infected blood which has been dosed with a specific antibody compound and then exposed to tuned radio frequencies in an extracorporeal manner.

According to the release, the treatment methodology entails using a specifically created antibody conjugated with a radio frequency reactive (metallic) moiety which binds with the target antigen (SARS-COV-2 or any other identified virus or disease antigen) in an extracorporeal mixing chamber.

As noted by the company, the infected patient’s blood would pass through the mixing chamber where the antibody-metallic moiety binds with target antigens in the blood. The conjugated antibody-antigen-metallic moiety compound would then be subjected to specifically tuned radio frequency (RF) signals designed to destroy the target antigen. Any residual material would be filtered from the blood before being returned to the patient. This conjugation-irradiation-filtration process would be conducted in real-time on a continuous flow basis, much like kidney dialysis.

Dr. Mitchell S. Felder, inventor of this technology and consultant to Halberd Corporation’s Scientific Advisory Board, stated, “I believe this methodology could be extremely successful in not only treating patients severely affected by COVID-19, but any number of blood-borne or cerebral spinal fluid afflictions and diseases.”

William A. Hartman, Chairman, President & CEO, added, “We have examined a number of extracorporeal treatment variations, and this one seems to have the most universal application. This process only requires that we create an antibody which has an affinity to the target antigen and can bind with the designed metallic moiety. Once fully developed, this methodology could theoretically end the possibility of any and all future infectious pandemics. This revolutionary technology is designed to preclude the possibility of any potential resistance by any infectious pathogen – tuberculosis, malaria, sepsis, etc.”

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