Revance Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: RVNC) Is Positioned To Present Its Innovative Aesthetics Portfolio, Starting With the Launch of the RHA® Collection

Revance Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: RVNC) is ready to make a difference in the prestigious market for aesthetics and therapeutics. With its expertly created products and services, the biotech is seeking to bring forth meaningful transformation to patient experiences. The company has made plans to introduce its innovative aesthetics portfolio and begin with the launch of the resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA®) Collection of dermal fillers.

This will be the first commercial product portfolio and the only FDA-approved for correction of dynamic facial wrinkles and folds. The launch process, which has complete onboarding and training, will engage more than 100 field officers. In the recent past, the company has completed the RHA® Collection PrevU early clinical experience education and training program detailing specific practice, which will uphold the launch.

Re-energizing the Aesthetics industry with a High-status Category of Innovative Products 

RHA® is an up-to-date advancement in HA filler science. On the other hand, the resilient HA fillers are designed with a crosslinking method to be more like natural HA found in the skin. Revance’s Chief Commercial Officer, Dustin S. Sjuts, says that their drive elevates the customer and patient experiences and the aesthetics industry with a category of innovative products and services.

“…We are delighted to be entering the market with the RHA® Collection, the latest innovation in HA technology… and improve both aesthetics practice economics and patient experiences…’’ Sjuts detailed.

Rolling out DaxibotulinumtoxinA for injection

From the clinical study results of the RHA® Collection of dermal fillers, safety and efficacy were established. This has been published and presented globally. There was a heavy preference for the RHA® Collection products by the physician, perhaps due to their ease of injection and product placement. Improved fulfillment immediately after injection was observed despite the need for fewer touch-ups with gels on or by day 14.

Meanwhile, Revance says it will be applying the same infrastructure as that of the RHA® Collection to roll out DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection. This is the company’s investigational neuromodulator product and a potential treatment for glabellar lines. Its approval by the FDA is anticipated later in the year.