Preclinical studies of a COVID-19 vaccine by Altimmune Inc (NASDAQ:ALT) at UAB Shows Potent T-cell Responses

There are hundreds of preclinical studies of a COVID-19 vaccine currently under development. Those in the advanced stages include AdCOVID from Altimmune Inc (NASDAQ:ALT). Biopharma is working in collaboration with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The latest news is additional positive results from the preclinical studies of the single-dose intranasal COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

The initial study was carried out at UAB and strong stimulation of systemic neutralizing antibody response from AdCOVID. The respiratory tract also experiences a 29-fold mucosal IgA antibody response against the spike protein.

AdCOVID Has a Property that sets it Apart

There is something unique about AdCOVID, according to Dr. Frances Lund, the lead investigator for preclinical testing of the AdCOVID vaccine candidates. ”… it has been shown preclinically to induce a potent T cell and IgA antibody response in the lungs, in addition to the systemic neutralizing antibody response induced by intramuscular vaccine candidates,” Lund commented.

This is such a strong boost to the systemic immune response because it could help in blocking further infections and transmission. An intramuscular shot administers a majority of other vaccine candidates. However, the administration of AdCOVID is through a single intranasal spray. The single-dose administration resulted in a potent T-cell response at the mucus layer of the lungs in animal models at UAB. Recent reports have been outlining the importance of T-cell responses in offering long-term defense from COVID-19.

The Commitment to Win Over the War against COVID-19 

With the adverse effects on healthcare systems and the global economy’s disruption, the war against the COVID-19 pandemic must be work. Since its announcement in March, the Altimmune-UAB collaboration has been engaging industry experts conversant with the COVID-19 safety protocols. Lund says their goal is to get gainful information, which can be used to turn around clinical trials.

Meanwhile, the anticipation is that AdCOVID will demonstrate further benefits in terms of vaccine administration and distribution. The availability of intranasal dosing gives it a higher benefit as this provides room for rapid administration. Syringes, needles, or trained health care personnel will not be required.