Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:EYPT) enters into a Purchase and Marketing Agreement with Vantage Outsourcing for DEXYCU®

Being able to meet the needs of patients with serious eye disorders has been the primary for Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:EYPT). Through the years, the company has developed four treatments in ophthalmology all of which have been approved by the FDA. DEXYCU® and YUTIQ® are important programs in the company’s portfolio are available in certain Asian markets. The former treat postoperative inflammation while the latter treats chronic non-infectious uveitis distressing the posterior part of the eye.

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals has been seeking ways to make DEXYCU more widely available to key ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in particular US regions. This drive has resulted in a purchase and marketing agreement with Vantage Outsourcing.

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Has an Exceptional Opportunity for Expansion 

Vantage Outsourcing has more than 25years of experience as a cataract surgical service provider. It serves a wide variety of ASCs, hospitals, and physicians. Through the agreement, it will be marketing DEXYCU® to its expansive network. Both institutions have applauded the partnership citing that it is a result of a shared commitment to patient care.

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals will perhaps take home the greatest benefit. This is because it will use Vantage’s business as a platform for expansion. ”…Vantage Outsourcing represents a unique opportunity to increase our presence with cataract surgery customers that had previously been beyond our reach…” Nancy Lurker, the CEO of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, reported.

However, Vantage Outsourcing will also have something to hang onto. Given that it will be marketing innovative products from EyePoint means it will also gain positive exposure.

A $9.5 Million from Ocumension Therapeutics to EyePoint

Ocumension Therapeutics has expanded its exclusive license agreements with EyePoint. Through a one-time payment of $9.5 million payment to EyePoint, the China-based ophthalmic pharmaceutical company will continue to hold the rights to commercialize both YUTIQ® and DEXYCU®. This will happen under their brand names in South Korea and other areas across Southeast Asia.

The payment from Ocumension will help EyePoint in boosting its programs in its portfolio of ocular disease treatments. Given the current disruption of the global economy by the COVID-19, it is important to have treatments with long-term activity.