Trevena Inc (NASDAQ:TRVN) Collaborates with Imperial College London to Conduct a Proof-of-Concept Study for TRV027 in COVID-19 Patients

The presence of COVID-19 continues to be one of the trending topics across the world. However, efforts to bring forth a potential vaccine are increasing by the day given the sprouting of companies’ collaborations. Trevena Inc (NASDAQ:TRVN) has initiated a collaboration with Imperial College London (ICL), and this has given birth to a proof-of-concept study for TRV027 in COVID-19 patients.

The placebo-controlled study will enroll about 60 patients aged 18 or older. They would have to be confirmed with a COVID-19 infection, be hospitalized, and non-ventilated. The companies will be evaluating the probabilities of TRV027 in treating acute lung damage / abnormal blood clotting. The two conditions are closely associated with COVID-19.

The Potential in TRV027 in Treating Deadly Complications Associated with COVID-19

Over the months, COVID-19 has been associated with different symptoms. The most common are dry coughs, tiredness, and fever. Other though less common include diarrhea, aches and pains, headache, and sometimes loss of smell or taste. However, chest pain or pressure, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath are some of the deadliest complications associated with the virus.

According to CEO of Trevena, Carrie Bourdow, with the grievous threat, all this is posing to patients, the fight to deliver treatments to them, and healthcare providers should be more urgent. He believes that the study of TRV027 is timely; thanks to its potential and the fact that it is likely to give a new and innovative approach to treating some of these symptoms.

Trevena’s Novel and Differentiated Investigational Drug Candidates

Trevena’s drive to take on the study for TRV027 in COVID-19 patients is not just a by the way. The company has been developing novel medicines for patients with CNS disorders. It has built up a portfolio of drug candidates such as TRV250, which treats acute migraine. Another is TRV734 for the maintenance treatment of opioid use disorder.

The company says it will also be bringing on board TRV045, and it is expected to offer a new, non-opioid approach in the treatment of CNS disorders. Meanwhile, its OLINVYK™ (oliceridine) injection has been approved in the US to manage acute pain in adults requiring an intravenous opioid analgesic.