TriSalus Life Sciences Enters into an Asset Purchase Agreement under Which Dynavax Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: DVAX) to Acquire its SD-101 Oncology Program

TriSalus Life Sciences is on a mission to improve the lives of patients suffering from liver and pancreatic tumors. The company says that it will be pursuing multiple solid tumor indications through its investigational agent, SD-101, and other immuno-oncology agents. To effectively accomplish this emerging immuno-oncology company has settled on an asset purchase agreement with Dynavax Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:DVAX).

The agreement will facilitate the acquisition of Dynavax’s SD-101 Oncology Program by TriSalus. Alongside the program, TriSalus will also take over other assets related to proprietary investigational, second-generation, and Toll-like receptor 9, such as Intellectual Property, regulatory filings, clinical data, and inventory.

Driving the Future Development of SD-101

Dynavax has been at the helm of developing and commercializing novel vaccines. This includes a Hepatitis B product already approved by the FDA for adults aged 18 years and above. However, the current collaboration will boost the future development of SD-101. This will, in return, intensify its availability in the market and eventually benefit patients.

According to Mary Szela, the CEO of TriSalus, the vaccine is already a promising candidate. She says that the candidate’s investigational agent from the clinical study data has an important component of the combination, which is applicable in the advanced treatment of cutaneous melanoma.

‘’…We believe by integrating our novel delivery technology with SD-101, our company will have the potential to improve outcomes in liver and pancreas tumor patients that presently have few viable options…” Szela indicated.

Dynavax is also advancing CpG 1018 as a Premier Vaccine Adjuvant

Through research collaborations and partnerships, the company will also be advancing the development of an adjuvanted vaccine candidate CpG 1018™. This comes at a time when the world is locked up in a status of panic because of the pandemic, which is severely straining healthcare systems.

The collaboration with Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation will be evaluating a combination of its stable prefusion form of the SARS-CoV2 with CpG 1018. The advanced adjuvant is predictable in the enhancement of the immune system and could help in the development of a more effective vaccine. All these will be accomplished through a combination of technology from the two companies.