OncoCyte Corp. (NYSEAMERICAN:OCX) Strike a Distribution Deal With ProGenetics in the Commercial Promotion of DetermaRx to Israel

One of the primary goals of OncoCyte Corp. (NYSEAMERICAN:OCX) is to provide solutions to patients diagnosed with different types of cancers. Hence, it is so driven towards actionable answers across the cancer care field, especially when critical decisions are required. The diagnostics company’s mission is to accelerate and optimize diagnosis and treatment.

As more companies dive into collaborations and partnerships, Oncocyte has agreed on a distribution deal with ProGenetics Ltd. Their working together will escalate the commercial expansion availability of DetermaRx to Israel.

Oncocyte Is Pursuing Exclusive Growth For Determarx In The International Markets. 

ProGenetics’ key operations are in Israel, where it offers a compact menu of incredible molecular diagnostic tests in Israel. As an exclusive distributor, it has multiple molecular diagnostics, all of which have been absorbed well. Under the distribution agreement, the company will help grow the presence of Oncocyte’s DetermaRx and, primarily, in the international markets.

The CEO of Oncocyte, Ron Andrews, says, “International expansion is central to Oncocyte’s strategy, and we are pleased to now have a presence in Israel, India, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as across the U.S’’.

DetermaRx is referred to as a treatment stratification test. Its role is to identify patients at a high exposure for lung cancer recurrence. Early identification means they can benefit from a more responsive adjuvant chemotherapy after the removal of cancer tumors.

DetermaRx was launched through an Early Access Program (EAP)

DetermaRx was first launched in late January 2020 under an Early Access Program (EAP). It all began with two sites, but since then, it has expanded to more than 40 sites. Currently, it is the only predictive test for managing early-stage lung cancer post-resection. It is likely to attract a global market of over 350,000 patients.

Meanwhile, Oncocyte says it is very encouraged by physicians’ rapid adoption of DetermaRx since it was launched. The reorder rate in Q2 was remarkable compared to Q1 and is an important metric the company is using to monitor its acceptance. Andrew adds that DetermaRx has the potential of giving physicians and patients the confidence to make complex decisions.