ISWH Moves Towards Merging Telehealth And Crypto

An exciting conspiracy and an unexpected twist of events have led us to a renaissance in one industry, creating a potential opportunity for investors. ISW Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is nothing short of an interesting study in this regard.

While ISW Holdings inc can be said to be a reasonably new option because of its recently announced joint venture partnership deal with Bit5ive LLC, the firm being a global leader in cryptocurrency mining and turnkey solutions.

ISW Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is a holding company based on diversified partnerships, and the company focuses itself on common goals of brand communication from developers, consultants, contractors, service providers, subcontractors, installation providers, and end-users.

ISW has gone on to establish itself as a healthcare, technology, and wellness company with an intensive aim to reshape different sectors across multiple seemingly unrelated industries. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to develop different kinds of nano infused wellness and restoration products. The company also provides its home healthcare services and also sources renewable energy.

According to company statements, ISW plans to build and also power data centers to bring about currency mining in various locations throughout the US. The initial plan is to start their deployment with 1 MW (-/+) current deployment plans with further expansion plans after that.


Crypto Mining Peak

Not long ago, the world was caught up in bitcoin fever, but that fever ended as abruptly as it started because the cryptocurrency space is yet to go through many evolutionary stages. One of the prevalent problems is also that traders are quite often left in a tricky situation. Most traders need to gain exposure in the space through a simplistic equities-only approach.

The problem is that most stocks in the crypto space are fraudulent or terrible stocks to invest in, some stocks are both of these things. Some investors are also unable to gain direct exposure to the cryptocurrency stocks, and they have to follow a specific set of rules and regulations. With the current scenario in place, ISW Holdings are moving headlong into the cryptocurrency space, and this decision is attracting quite a lot of interesting speculation.

The company itself has a firm plan in place where it intends to build and also power data centers to help in cryptocurrency mining. The future growth prospects of cryptocurrency mining are also temporarily bright because of the volatility of the US dollar. Historically, whenever the dollar falls, everything else naturally starts performing better, and there is the natural expectation that the ISW stock will end up performing better because of the weak dollar.

With the growing epidemic forcing economies to shut down for the sake of saving lives, policymakers have been forced into adding monetary and fiscal stimulus as a bridge while at the same time shutting down many essential aspects of regular economic life. Debt around the world has also risen to high and unprecedented levels. Keeping in light of the current global situation, ISW can be one of the most stable opportunities presented to equity investors looking for escalated growth.


Telehealth, The Savior

There is a growing perception among people who see telehealth as a revolution that is perhaps best understood to be the wave of the future.

The way healthcare functions are now transforming with fewer and fewer patients making their way to hospitals and clinics and more people shifting towards home-based care.

Telehealth also poses to be a viable solution for the current health conditions around the globe, with more people opting for home-based treatments, there is a decreased risk of healthcare workers being exposed to the virus.

The arrangement is beneficial for both health care workers and patients as it protects both parties from contracting the contagion. In light of the current situation, we have also witnessed large scale deregulation surrounding the telehealth sector leading to an expansion of telehealth services that are covered by medicare.



Bit5ive is an official distribution partner of Bitmain, which is the industry’s leading fabless manufacturer of computing chips and distributor of Antminers for 30+ countries. Research published this month also indicates that the crypto mining equipment marketplace will end up flourishing at a CAGR rate of 17.5% over the next decade.

Bit5ive is known as the most explosive distribution point for leading mining equipment, and the company is also not accessible for many investors that are trading via public forums. ISW Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is, therefore, the best forum to gain exposure.

It may not be wrong to assume good outcomes from this endeavor, and it is also safe to presume that this endeavor will harness the coming revolution that will help advance the internet and will also play a pivotal role in improving the livelihood of individuals around the globe.


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