Aikido Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:AIKI) Provides an Update on Its Effort to Identify Compounds to Potentially Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus’s origin, which has affected over seven million people across the world, remains a mystery. This is even though new cases are mounting daily and the discovery that it affects people differently. However, one company, Aikido Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:AIKI), has reported on its efforts to identify potential compounds, which can address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) discovered the compounds, which according to a group of researchers is important for replicating several viruses such as Ebola, MERS, Marburg, and influenza and now COVID-19. To support the researcher’s efforts, Aikido has entered into a Master License Agreement with UMB. The duo will demonstrate the power of a computer modeling approach known as SILCS technology. This will be tested hand in hand with machine learning tools.

Nonetheless, the researchers are still utilizing the information they have collected while testing active compounds to find suitable ones for blocking virus replication.

Demonstrating the Significance of Machine Learning to Speed up Pharmaceutical Research

Today, everyone is talking about COVID-19, and truthfully speaking, it has caused a lot of panic and anxiety. It is especially dangerous to those with compromised immune systems. As scary as it may sound, according to WHO, pre-symptomatic patients – who have yet to show symptoms – are more likely to be spreading nearly half of coronavirus cases.

Nonetheless, it seems like COVID-19 is here to stay. Hence according to researchers, there is a need to develop a long term solution quickly. They say that Machine Learning is likely to help in pharmaceutical research.

Anthony Hayes, CEO of Aikido, notes, ‘’Utilizing a combination of a physics-based approach and machine learning, our partners can significantly narrow the range of potential compounds to test…’’

The Promotion of Increased Coronavirus Testing

Everyone is at risk of contracting the deadly virus since there have been cases of death of both minors and the old. Thus, most governments are now advocating for increased testing of the virus, which considered one way of reducing its spread. According to medical experts, there may be accuracy issues, but it is better to contain it that wait for an outbreak.