Moderna Inc. (NASDAQ:MRNA) Strikes a Manufacturing and Marketing Deal of its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate with ROVI

The global spread of COVID-19 has made a damaging impact not only on people’s lives but to business sectors. We have been living in unprecedented times, and no one knows how long this will last. Armed with this knowledge, pharmaceutical companies are quickly stepping up with collaboration deals to manufacture possible vaccines. This is exactly what Moderna Inc. (NASDAQ:MRNA) and ROVI have done.

The two have signed a manufacturing deal of Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate. ROVI has expertise in fill-finish and is also a recognized global manufacturer of the drug product. Moderna’s vaccine against COVID-19 is one of the prime candidates in the race to resolve the health crisis. Thus the collaboration is both timely and significant in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Collaboration Will Provide ROVI A Significant Opportunity for Growth

The pandemic is affecting all of us because if you not infected, you are affected. This is according to ROVI CEO, Juan López-Belmonte. The company says it is ready to support the production of hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine candidates by Moderna. If all is successful, the vaccines are expected to reach the markets outside of the U.S. starting in early 2021.

This will not only be expansion and growth for Moderna but also for ROVI. Besides, the duo’s collaboration has received immense support from the Ministry of Health and the Spanish Medicines Agency

López-Belmonte says, ‘’our proven experience and capabilities… would help strengthen our manufacturing area and would, in all probability, provide us with a significant growth opportunity In the Area.’’

Moderna’s Drive to Protect Populations from Vaccines Preventable Diseases

For the past five years, Moderna has retained its position of being the top biopharmaceutical employer by science. The company’s enthusiasm to protect lives from vaccines preventable diseases have played a substantial role in this.

Currently, it is advancing messenger RNA (mRNA) science and delivering new technology to enable the manufacturing of a robust pipeline of vaccine candidates. Through strategic collaboration, the Massachusetts-based company develops therapeutics and vaccines for cardiovascular diseases, immuno-oncology, inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, and rare diseases.