Selecta Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:SELB) And Swedish Orphan Biovitrum To Advance Development of SEL-212 In Chronic Refractory Gout

Selecta Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:SELB) and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (SOBI) have entered a strategic licensing agreement for advancing the development of SEL-212, which is a product candidate for the treatment of chronic refractory gout.

SEL-212 minimize immunogenicity in chronic refractory gout 

SEL-212 is a novel blend of tolerogenic ImmTOR immune tolerance platform from Selecta with therapeutic uricase enzyme. It is designed to offer durable serum uric acid control, minimize immunogenicity as well as enable repeated monthly dosing for severe refractory gout treatment.

Gout is a serious autoinflammation disease that results in intensely painful flares as well as debilitating inflammatory arthritis. This is because of the deposition of the pro-inflammatory monosodium urate crystals (MSU) in the synovial fluid and tissues. It is the commonest inflammatory arthritis form in the US, and there has been an increase in prevalence in Europe and the US.

Normally chronic inflammatory gout will occur in patients that are nonresponsive to standard care therapies. This, therefore, results in high MSU burden in tissues causing repeated gout flares as well as chronic arthritis.

Selecta to commence phase 3 of SEL-212 trial in 2H 2020

The novel SEL-211 product candidate has the potential to reduce serum uric acid and MSU deposits in chronic refractory gout patients. This is a combination therapy that comprises pegadricase, which is a recombinant enzyme metabolizing uric acid and the ImmTOR technology platform. Usually, recombinant uricases are immunogenic in people, and through the proprietary ImmTOR tech platform, SEL-212 can help mitigate anti-drug antibodies’ creation. As a result, it enables a convenient once per month dosing and improves the tolerability and efficacy of the uricase. The company plans to commence the third phase study of SEL-212 in the second half of 2020.

Carsten Brunn, the CEO of Selecta, indicated that the agreement with Sobi is a huge milestone for the company and chronic refractory gout patients. He added that Sobi is the right partner with the resources and corresponding product portfolio that will help develop SEL-212 and advance it to commercialization.