Affimed N.V. (AFMD) Soars Over 68% on Promising AFM24 Data and Strong Market Performance

Affimed N.V. (NASDAQ: AFMD) has captured significant attention in the biotech market with its recent stock performance. The company’s shares soared 68.51% to close at $7.33, with an additional 4.75% increase in after-hours trading, reaching $7.68. This remarkable rise is fueled by promising data from their innovative AFM24 program, which has reinvigorated investor confidence and optimism about the company’s future.

Breakthrough Data on AFM24

Affimed recently provided an update on its AFM24 program, a bispecific innate cell engager designed to target EGFR-expressing tumors. The latest data, presented at a prominent oncology conference, showcased AFM24’s potential in treating a variety of cancers. The findings highlighted the drug’s ability to engage both natural killer (NK) cells and macrophages, enhancing the body’s immune response against tumor cells. This dual mechanism of action is considered groundbreaking in the field of cancer immunotherapy, offering a new avenue for treating patients with difficult-to-treat cancers.

Market Reaction and Investor Sentiment

The market responded enthusiastically to the data, as evidenced by the significant spike in Affimed’s stock price. Investors are particularly excited about the potential of AFM24 to address a substantial unmet need in oncology, which could translate into a lucrative market opportunity for the company. The strong after-hours performance further underscores the sustained investor interest and confidence in Affimed’s strategic direction and clinical progress.

Strategic Positioning in Oncology

Affimed’s strategic focus on bispecific innate cell engagers positions it uniquely within the oncology landscape. By leveraging the body’s innate immune system, the company aims to develop treatments that are not only effective but also have a favorable safety profile compared to traditional therapies. The promising results from the AFM24 program reinforce Affimed’s potential to deliver innovative treatments that can transform cancer care.

Future Outlook

With the encouraging data from the AFM24 program, Affimed is poised for continued success. The company plans to advance AFM24 into later-stage clinical trials, aiming to validate these initial findings and bring the therapy closer to regulatory approval. Additionally, Affimed’s robust pipeline of other immune cell engagers offers further growth potential, making it an exciting company to watch in the biotech sector.


Affimed N.V. has demonstrated a significant breakthrough with its AFM24 program, driving a notable increase in its stock price and capturing the interest of the investment community. The promising data not only highlight the potential of AFM24 as a novel cancer treatment but also position Affimed as a leader in the development of innovative immunotherapies. As the company continues to advance its clinical programs and expand its pipeline, it remains a compelling opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on cutting-edge advancements in oncology.