Guardforce AI ($GFAI) Stock Soars on AIoT Robot Advertising Contract with Macau Government Office

Guardforce AI ($GFAI) is one stock that we would encourage our subscribers to place on top of their radar. The stock has the potential to run over 300% from the current pps of $12.75.

It appears that the market is reacting to old news from Guardforce AI ($GFAI) from back in Feb, 2023. The stock experienced a significant increase in trading today, closing at $12.75, up $3.86 or 43.42% from the previous close of $8.89. It opened at $8.90, with a bid of $13.15 for 1,100 shares and an ask of $13.25 for 800 shares. The stock’s trading range throughout the day was $8.90 to $15.62, while its 52-week range sits between $3.81 and $53.20. Trading volume reached 24,212,281 shares, considerably higher than the average volume of 1,449,590 shares. The stock has a market capitalization of $30.167 million. The 5-year monthly beta of 2.88 indicates that the stock is more volatile than the overall market, as a beta higher than 1 suggests that the stock’s price movements are more extreme in comparison to the broader market.

Back in Feb, Guardforce AI Co., Limited (NASDAQ: GFAI) announced signing an AIoT Robot Advertising (RA) contract with a local government office in Macau, deploying approximately 165 of their robots for 20 weeks to promote various events. The AIoT RA model allows advertisers to display ads on Guardforce AI’s robots and make data-driven marketing decisions using the GFAI Intelligent Cloud Platform. With over 400 robots deployed in Macau, the company has been collaborating with local advertisement agencies, government bureaus, and exhibition companies for over a year, promoting major events on more than 1,000 robots.