Penny Stocks In Focus HPCO, BREA, GNS

This weekend the news of The U.S. Department of Transportation investigating Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface company, for allegedly unsafe packaging and transportation of contaminated hardware is picking up pace. It would be interesting to see how the company responds to these allegations.

Let’s take a look at some of swing setups to consider for Monday move up:

Hempacco Co., Inc. (NASDAQ:HPCO) seems to be Wall Street’s favourite. HPCO Snoop Dogg penny stock seems attractive at around $1.80. Small offering behind them now, it’ll allow the stock to stretch its legs without the ‘fear’ of dilution weighing it down. 

Brera Holdings PLC (NASDAQ:BREA) cash flow positive recent IPO at $5 has good bounce potential above $2.50. Goal is $3’s if it works. 

Genius Group Limited (NYSE:GNS) hanging above $5.50 could turn into a supernova. The extraordinary measures the CEO is taking to flush out naked short sellers is admirable. I hope this goes to $12. 

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