NeuroScience Therapeutics Ltd (NASDAQ: NRSN) Announces Biomarker Study Findings Evaluating CogniC in Alzheimer’s Disease

NeuroScience Therapeutics Ltd (NASDAQ: NRSN) has announced findings from a biomarker study performed to evaluate Cognic’s potential in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) treatment. CogniC is the company’s combination treatment for AD treatment.

CogniC’s mode of action can help in focusing AD processes 

Numerous biomarkers linked to AD were discovered by NeuroSense’s biomarker analysis, indicating that CogniC’s mode of action could be successful in focusing on the disease’s processes, including miRNA dysregulation, lysosomal dysfunction, and defective autophagy. Additionally, among the biomarkers panel examined, signs of AD such as elevated levels of amyloid-(A) and intracellular clumps of tau protein were found.

According to initial results, AD patients have higher levels of TDP-43 than the healthy control subjects. These findings contribute to the expanding body of data in AD studies that TDP-43 plays a part in neurodegenerative diseases and that TDP-43 pathophysiology is a fundamental component of AD. For example, up to 57 percent of AD cases have been found to include TDP-43, and both in vivo and in vitro studies have demonstrated the cytotoxicity of TDP-43 aggregation. In addition, in a Phase, IIa clinical study biomarker research for another neurological disorder, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, NeuroSense’s platform adjuvant technology—the foundation of CogniC—has previously demonstrated an impact on TDP-43 (ALS).

CEO Allon Bn-Noon said, “Having identified these promising biomarkers, which have the potential to be modulated by CogniC, we are now preparing to carry out a clinical proof-of-concept study in conjunction with a leading AD clinic. The study is expected to commence in 2023.”

Neuron-Derived Exosomes tech enables non-invasive biomarkers observation 

Using Neuron-Derived Exosomes (NDE), an ultra-modern technology that enables the non-invasive observation of significant modifications in nervous system biomarkers through the gathering of blood samples, the company is carrying out its AD biomarker research. NeuroSense anticipates sharing more thorough findings on additional unique biomarkers that were examined in this study via peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences after the additional examination.

Based on the combination integration platform of NeuroSense, CogniC is a medicine combination for Alzheimer’s disease treatment. PrimeC, the platform’s top medication candidate, is now being tested in a Phase IIb trial in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).