Brickell Biotech Inc (NASDAQ: BBI) Announces Dosing of First Subject with its BBI-02

Brickell Biotech Inc (NASDAQ: BBI) has started its BBI-02-101 study. It focuses on BBI-02, which is the company’s lead DYRK1A inhibitor. The study has already dosed the subjects with the single ascending dose (“SAD”) portion of its Phase 1 clinical trial. It targets healthy adult subjects and patients struggling with atopic dermatitis and seeks to evaluate BBI-02.

Dr. Bernard Khor and his take

Researchers describe BBI-02 as a small molecule DYRK1A inhibitor with the capacity to bring about immune restoration. The substance modulates innate and adaptive immune responses in patients fighting inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

The Affiliated Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Dr. Bernard Khor, is pleased to see BBI-02 move into the clinic. He looks forward to great times ahead where they succeed in their quest to boost the understanding of DYRK1A as a working solution to help patients struggling with autoimmunity and inflammation.

Bernard recalls the reporting of DYRK1A as a potential breakthrough in the regulation of immune homeostasis and believes it to be a significant step forward in the study. Furthermore, he says that the investigation has given rise to encouraging data as they focus on DYRK1A inhibition in diverse autoimmune conditions.

Bernard applauds Brickell’s trial asserting that it inspires hope among patients. He promises to keep a close eye on every move the researchers make in the course of the study. He says that the study’s progress and its outcomes matter in the journey to come up with working solutions to help enhance lives.

Dr. Monica Luchi speaks out

The Chief Medical Officer of Brickell, Dr. Monica Luchi, is pleased to announce the start of the BBI-02-101 study evaluating BBI-02. She believes administering the DYRK1A inhibitor to patients is a tremendous achievement because it is the first time it is happening. In addition, Monica applauds Brickell’s outlining that it moved fats in moving BBI-02 into the clinic.

She remembers how they bought the program in the previous year’s third quarter and looks forward to good times ahead. She describes the generated preclinical results as promising. She mentions the most important aspects, which include tolerability, P.D., P.K., and clinical safety of BBI-02 throughout this year.