MEI Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: MEIP) and Kyowa Kirin Announce Clinical Data on Zandelisib Presented at EHA Congress

MEI Pharma, Inc and Kyowa Kirin have spoken about the proceedings at the European Hematology Association 2022 Hybrid Congress. It was about the zandelisib clinical development program and the poster presentation. The lengthy oral discussion entailed the Phase 2 TIDAL study that revealed information about how scientists evaluated zandelisib and also information about the intermittent dosing of the product. 

Hope for patients

MEI Pharma, Inc describes zandelisib as an orally administered investigational phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta (“PI3Kδ”) inhibitor. It inspires great hope for patients struggling with B-cell malignancies. Professor Wojciech Jurczak works with the Department of Clinical Oncology and had a lot to say about the recent development.

He admitted that a significant portion of patients struggling with indolent non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas could at times attain working responses with the various standard care therapies in the markets. He specifically pointed out follicular lymphoma as an example of indolent non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas.

Wojciech believes honesty matters in how far the patient needs to go and, in the same breath, discloses how most patients require multiple treatments to deal with the malignancies. Relapses break out unexpectedly, which is why those patients need to work with novel treatment options.

He seems pleased with the data presented at EHA and says that matters were much better this year. Wojciech affirms that the data will offer significant support for the zandelisib development program, inspiring great hope among patients. They are channeling resources and directing efforts towards the enrollment of the Phase 3 COASTAL study that will majorly focus on evaluating the combination between rituximab and zandelisib. In addition, the outcome will serve as a pointer to the best ways to help patients in the future.

Richard Ghalie  gives his remarks

The chief medical officer of MEI Pharma, Richard Ghalie comments on the data reported at the 2022 European Hematology Association. He says the data is a remarkable demonstration of what zandelisib could help them achieve. The product is a clinical investigation candidate known for its outstanding intermittent dosing schedule. In addition, it has a high response rate, which is a step in the right direction in ensuring patients’ wellbeing.

He is pleased with zandelisib’s potential and its promise. The data at the presentation indicates zandelisib’s potential value both as a combination therapy and as a single agent.