Alaunos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: TCRT) Doses Its First Patient in a Phase 1/2  Study

Alaunos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: TCRT) has dosed its first patient in the Phase I/II study. The trial targets EGFR, TP53, and KRAS mutations for six indications of solid tumours.

According to the company’s CEO, Kevin S. Boyle, the dosing of its first patients is a milestone for Alaunos. He adds that the company’s dedicated team is the reason Alaunos has achieved this milestone. The company hopes that its TCR-T cell therapy could effectively treat cancer patients.

The study could enable the company to treat several cancers

Boyle believes that the company’s model will allow it to effectively and quickly find the optimal dose for the Phase II study, where it would test the efficacy of the treatment in various indications. The company hopes to release its first results in the second part of 2022.

The study will involve a dose-escalation trial which will evaluate the doses of the treatment. It will recruit patients with different cancers, including cancers of the bile duct, ovary, increase, endometrium, rectum, and non-small cell lung cancer. The company is mainly concerned with finding the maximum dose a patient could tolerate and the therapy’s safety profile.

The dosing is a milestone for the company 

The Chairman of the company’s Scientific Advisory Board, Dr Carl June, states that this is an important achievement as it is the first time the company has tested a treatment derived from its Sleeping Beauty platform on patients. The company is targeting major mutations that play a role in cancer pathology to develop cancer treatments. It hopes to be successful so it can help cancer patients.

Alaunos Therapeutics is a company that develops cell therapies to treat cancer. The company uses its TCR T cell therapies which it derives from its Sleeping Beauty technology platform. This treatment targets mutations in certain genes such as the EGFR, TP53, and KRAS genes.

The company is partnering with several organisations to achieve its goals. One of its partners is the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre. The two parties have a licensing and development agreement. Alaunos is also collaborating with the National Cancer Institute, with whom it has a research and development agreement and a patent license deal.

Alaunos Therapeutics has its headquarters in Houston, Texas.