Esperion Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ESPR) Announced Its Support for a New Study for NEXLIZET

Esperion Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ESPR) recently supported a study investigating the impact of bempedoic acid and Ezetimibe on the temporary reduction of the LDL cholesterol in individuals who experienced a severe coronary syndrome. The study named the CLEAR ACS is being conducted in Northern California and focuses on the levels of the sufficiency of NEXLIZET in individuals such as real women and children.

How the company will conduct the trial

The trial authors plan to recruit at least 500 individuals with a previous experience with coronary syndrome. Participants will begin with a dose of placebo for an average of three months before being switched to  NEXLIZET for another three months, which places the study the period at six months. At the termination of the study, the main goal is to determine the amount of alteration from the beginning to the conclusion of the study.

Another goal of the study is to input the alterations made to the biomarkers and their impacts on the cardiovascular region. JoAnne Foody, the CMO of Esperion, stated that the study authors anticipate addressing the majority of the illiteracy on the impact of NEXLIZET on the participants and other unidentified patient categories.

Foody further stated that the company was thrilled to partner with the trial authors and that they were anxious to assist the trial authors through any means possible

The therapy raises the levels of uric acid in the blood

NEXLIZET can be a dangerous compound due to a few side effects, including rash and anaphylaxis. Furthermore, the compound has Bempedoic acid that adds to the uric blood levels, which may happen at the beginning of the treatment. Medical physicians consulting with the trials stated that if the uric blood levels continue to rise, the patient might develop complications, including gout.

The company is dedicated to developing drugs accessible to all individuals and patients who can’t afford them.  It also has a skilled team of employees that are dedicated and well connected, thus enforcing its initiative even further. Emerson’s main goal is to influence an individual’s cholesterol levels, thus ensuring a meaningful and healthy lifestyle.