Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (NASDAQ: TNXP) Disclosed Its Findings on Its Latest Long COVID Treatment

Tonix Pharmaceutical Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: TNXP) recently announced the findings of its recent experimental research that focused on 50,000 individuals that carried the prognosis of Long COVID-19.

The company revealed that following the termination of its phase I study, the food and drug administration permitted it to use an explorative drug known as cyclobenzaprine HCl tablets for the second phase. The study defined Long COVID-19 as an after acute continuation of the Covid-19 illness: the pills will assist in confirming the relationship between Long COVID-19 and fibromyalgia illness.

The compound could reduce opiate addiction

During the announcement, the company reiterated that the study would also assist in reducing the dependency of individuals on opiates. After the first phase of the research, a few participants reported that they experienced the pain and that opiate was an effective method to relieve it.

Some individuals addicted to opiates revealed that they experienced specific side effects such as fatigue and others. The authors reviewed data from different organisations, including the TriNetX Data Network, which possessed the medical data of several Americans. Through the data, a minimum of 1 million individuals recorded with the network are diagnosed with Long COVID-19.

Tonix develops therapies for Malignancies

The company is among the leading and influential biopharmaceutical organisations that create and share therapeutic and diagnostic measures for malignant illnesses such as cancer and others. The illnesses mainly affect regions in the human body, such as the nervous system and other delicate organs.

Tonix also investigates why the human body rejects specific organ donations and issues suggestions for remedying the same. Its recent development is the TNX 102-XL which the company hopes will be the treatment of long COVID-19 and the reduction of opiates dependency.

The organisation is a worldwide system that unifies the pharmaceutical industry by creating, sharing, and advancing research mechanisms for drugs and treatments for illnesses such as cancer and others.

The organisation encourages the sharing of the data on diseases between specialists, thus fostering collaboration between parties. This move would also ensure scientists come up with faster solutions to diseases.

Tonix goal is to use its therapies to help patients with malignancies.