Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: VRCA) Doses Its First Patient in the LTX-315 Trial

Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: VRCA) has dosed its first patients in the LTX-315 Phase II study. The company developed the drug to treat basal cell carcinoma.

According to the CMO of Verrica Pharmaceuticals, Gary Goldenberg, M.D., this is the company’s first LTX-315 study,. It is excited to dose its first patients as it investigates the compound. He points out that squamous cell, basal cell carcinomas, and other non-melanomous skin-related cancers are among the most prominent cancers in the U.S.

Skin cancers have a high unmet need despite their prevalence

Dr. Goldenberg notes that while about 5 million cases of these skin cancers are diagnosed every year, there is little therapy for them, making them one of the cancers with the highest unmet needs. Although Verrica is currently looking at LTX-315 as a treatment for basal cell carcinomas, it hopes to expand to using the drug for squamous cell cancers.

The lead study author, Neal Bhatia, M.D., the currency therapies for skin cancers aren’t ideal as they are invasive and could lead to scars, infection, pain, and bleeding. LTX-315 could be the first non-invasive treatment for them. For this reason, Dr. Bhatia is excited to work with the company on this groundbreaking treatment.

How researchers will carry out the study

The study will be a dose-escalation, multicenter, open-label study. The company will conduct the trial in three phases. It will assess the efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and safety of the drug when given intratumorally. The researchers will recruit about 66 patients basal cell carcinoma diagnosis has been confirmed histologically.

The researchers will administer LTX-315 through the tumor to cause cell death, thus lowering the need for surgical intervention when treating basal cell carcinomas. The drug has been created to act like naturally-occurring defense peptides, which are the body’s natural defense against antigens.

Verrica has the exclusive authorization to commercialize and develop LTX-315 to treat skin cancer. So far, the company has found positive results in treating basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

Verrica Pharmaceuticals is a company that develops therapies for skin ailments. Other than LTX-315, the company is developing other drugs. These include VP-102 to treat molluscum and VP-103 for plantar warts. The company’s development of LTX-315 is in partnership with Lytix Biopharma.