Addex Therapeutics ADR (NASDAQ: ADXN) Has Moved an M4 PAMS Program to Optimization

Addex Therapeutics ADR (NASDAQ: ADXN) announced moving a potent and selective M4 Muscarinic receptor positive allosteric modulator program to maximum (M4 PAMS) optimization. This therapy is for treating neuropsychiatric disorders like schizophrenia.

According to Jean-Philippe Rocher from Addex Therapeutics, scientific evidence on M4 receptors shows the need to target M4 as the company develops therapies for schizophrenia. Data indicates M4 PAMs might elicit antipsychotic activity and regulate dopamine levels without direct agonist interaction and causing peripheral adverse effects.

Addex has found different M4 PAMs through its screening platform. The company had guided them to complete optimization and hoped to select candidates for clinical trials in 2023.

Addex’s platform has broad applications

Addex’s CEO, Tim Dyer, states that the company is excited about the discoveries it has made. It hopes it can eventually develop therapies to help patients with debilitating psychotic disorders. He adds that the ability of Addex’s platform to find M4 PAMs indicates its efficacy and wide application.

Many therapies for psychotic disorders have adverse effects

There are several therapies for psychotic disorders. Most of them aim for dopamine receptors that effectively alleviate disease symptoms. However, while the therapies are effective, they can cause motor, cognitive, and metabolic disorders by targeting dopamine receptors. As a result, their overall utility goes down.

Other scientists have shown that while xanomeline, a therapy for schizophrenia, was effective in reducing symptoms, there were too many adverse effects as the therapy wasn’t selective.

Researchers have used M4 PAMs on mice and concluded that the compounds have potent antipsychotic effects. Researchers have also found that they can reverse different impacts of psychomotor stimuli, which increase the production levels of extracellular dopamine.

Addex Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company, focuses on commercializing and developing allosteric modulators to treat neurological disorders. Evidence shows that allosteric modulators are superior to the current standard of care as they cause fewer side effects and more therapeutic benefits.

The company is currently testing dipraglurant. This therapy is to treat Parkinson’s disease. Addex is also conducting a Phase II trial for a version of dystonia known as blepharospasm. It is also partnering with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc to develop ADX71149.