Seer Inc (NASDAQ: SEER) Announced the Publication of its Proteograph Product Suite Study

Seer Inc (NASDAQ: SEER) has published a study highlighting the efficacy of a technology platform responsible for the Proteograph Product Suite. The study looked into the link between physicochemical properties in panel engineered nanoparticles and the protein sampling pattern made by a nano-bio interface between a biological sample and a nanoparticle surface.

The team made a machine learning (ML) model in the paper to increase the reader’s understanding of nano-bio interfaces and molecular interactions occurring. It also predicts how scientists may rationally design NPs through machine learning and evaluate varying protein families in the future.

Seer’s technology is the only unbiased one to produce proteomic information 

The nanoparticle technology, which the team discusses in the paper, was the basis for the Proteograph Product Suite by Seer. The Proteograph Product Suite is currently the only available solution to deliver amino acid and peptide level resolution, allowing protein variant and protein identification without bias for scalable, precise, and deep proteomic studies.

Experts believe that Proteomics studies could enable them to find biological insight and allow precision medicine. Proteomics includes understanding many protein variants responsible for disease and health.

The publication acknowledges the validity of the technology platform 

According to the Chairman and CEO of Seer, Omid Farokhzad, the company is happy to have a paper published in the PNAS. The publication shows the validity of the Proteograph Product Suite, which enables scientists to study the information in proteasomes.

It is vital that the information retrieved is not biased as most of the information is new. Proteograph Product Suite achieves this. Farokhzad adds that access to unbiased, deep proteomics information is now sufficient, making this an excellent opportunity for the company.

Until now, traditional workflows haven’t been able to give unbiased information on the plasma proteasome. Seer’s technology, on the other hand, is superior. It gives unbiased population-scale studies to help find new proteome variants. The technology platform’s performance is a result of engineered nanoparticles.

Seer Inc is a company focused on developing ground-breaking products that give insight to proteomes. Its Proteograph Product Suite has software, engineered nanoparticles, consumables, and automation instrumentation. It analyses proteomes without bias in a few hours. It is also user-friendly, efficient, and can be used in any lab.