The FDA Issues Approval to the Latest ADMA Biologics Inc (NASDAQ: ADMA) Recent Location

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) recently approved ADMA Biologics Inc (NASDAQ: ADMA) for the fifth branded facility in Conyers, Georgia.

The facility will offer consumers and other services such as the Bioplasma collection.

The company disclosed that it had opened the facility during the third quarter, 2021. It received its approval from the authority this year.

The authority’s approval assists ADMA in expanding its operations to ventures such as human plasma and others.

Opening a new locations will allow the company to expand its network and customer reach

Adam Grossman, the president of ADMA, recently issued a statement saying that opening a new location will help the company gather any network supports that it requires to increase its revenue while distributing a self-sufficient plasma process for consumers across the country.

Grossman further stated that the approval allows consumers to view its hard work and trust it more responsibly. The company now possesses ten locations in its portfolio. These five are FDA-approved and thoroughly supported by investors.

ADMA intends to possess all stores approved and regulated by the FDA by the end of  2023. Various third-party contracts presently support the increasing locations under the company’s portfolio that keep the locations opened afloat.

The latest location possesses upgraded plasma collection technologies such as the automated registration rate and WIFI in the donor’s lounge. The facility also entails adequate staff that trains to cater to their needs and questions.  

The company uses human plasma to develop alternative therapies and prevent illness

The company is a licensed organization that gathers human plasma to create various means of alternative medicine that decrease the rate of certain illnesses—controlled by a team of officials who are adequately versed with the field, thus providing safe and suitable processes adaptable for the consumer.

The organization is a commercialized pharmaceutical platform that focuses on cultivating, managing, distributing and producing specialized plasma to prevent various illnesses. In addition, the platform dominates and sells the approved plasma for the treatment of certain immuno-deficiency illnesses. The infectious illness that the company tries to cure includes Hepatitis B, Anemia, among other illnesses.