(NASDAQ:LTRY) is Helping Take US State Lotteries into the Digital Age Inc (NASDAQ:LTRY) is a technology company that is transforming how, where, and when the lottery is played. Its engaging mobile and online platforms enable players and commercial partners located in the U.S. and internationally to remotely purchase legally sanctioned lottery games. It offers more than 800 lottery games from more than 40 countries. Additionally, through, the firm is fundamentally changing how non-profit donors are incentivized to action by gasifying charitable giving. In all that its mission remains the same: an uncompromising passion to innovate, grow a new demographic of enthusiasts, deliver responsible and trusted solutions, and promote community and philanthropic initiatives (

Recently, the company announced that it has launched LotteryLink, an important branding initiative of its global B2B affiliate marketing. This branding is a continuation of’s strategy to utilize highly recognizable and descriptive names and domains to reach its global digital audience and leverage the Company’s strong affiliate marketing capabilities. (Source:

So what’s the buzz around LTRY?

  • is helping to bring the state lottery model into the 21st century tapping into a market that is expected to grow by USD 27.90 billion. (1)
  • The company is addressing generational shifts in consumer behavior and is now reaching a younger demographic that brick and mortar stores do not.
  • makes up to 95% gross margins on their B2B and B2C products. (2)
  • The company boasts industry-crushing acquisition costs with phenomenal retention rates. (2)


There is so much more to this fascinating company. It’s young, it seems profitable and it has delivered on explosive growth projections, and it packs some serious upside potential (52-week range: $3.48 – $17.50). Get LTRY on your watchlist today and as always conduct your own Due Diligence. Other companies in’s space include Codere Online Luxembourg (NASDAQ:CDRO), Elys Game Technology (NASDAQ:ELYS), Golden Entertainment (NASDAQ:GDEN), Full House Resorts (NASDAQ:FLL) and Monarch Casino & Resort (NASDAQ:MCRI).

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