Why TAAT Global Alternatives Inc could be a threat to the tobacco industry (TOBAF, PM, MO, BTI, VGR, IMBBY)

The tobacco industry has been a darling of investors in the 20th century. Tobacco stocks were among the best performers, benefiting from an addictive, highly profitable, recession-proof product, plus a reputation for offering generous dividend yields to investors. However, 

next-generation products like e-cigarettes and vaporizers, which circumvent some of the drawbacks of smokable cigarettes like unwanted odor and are perceived by some as better for your health.

TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC US:TOBAF) seems to be another threat to the tobacco stocks such as Altria Group (NYSE:MO), Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM), and British American Tobacco (NYSE:BTI), Imperial Brands (OTC US:IMBBY) and Vector Group (NYSE:VGR).

TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC US:TOBAF) has developed TAAT™, which is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes offered in “Original”, “Smooth”, and “Menthol” varieties. TAAT™’s base material is Beyond Tobacco™, a proprietary blend which undergoes a patent-pending refinement technique causing its scent and taste to resemble tobacco. Under executive leadership with “Big Tobacco” pedigree, TAAT™ was launched first in the United States in Q4 2020 as the Company seeks to position itself in the $814 billion global tobacco industry.

In November 2021, TOBAF recorded domestic single-month performance with multiple pallets of TAAT™ sold each week. First commercial order of TAAT™ confirmed for Austria, valued at over CAD $86,000. TAAT™ ships pallet orders to new distributors in California, in key markets to include Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.In December 2021, through a national convenience distributor, TAAT™ is placed in 350 additional stores in the state of Virginia. Numerous TAAT™ placements in Greater London are confirmed. TAAT™ remains on the CSE Composite and CSE25™ indices following quarterly rebalancing. 

TAAT™ Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella commented, “We are thrilled with the year we had in 2021 as we continued to form relationships with wholesalers both domestically and internationally, while establishing a presence at the same high-profile trade shows where major tobacco firms exhibit, and further optimizing our operations to facilitate long-term growth. During the calendar year 2021 TAAT™ also made several notable accomplishments in the capital markets, including our fifth consecutive quarter in the CSE Composite and CSE25™ indices and an upgrade to the OTCQX® Best Market in the United States. On behalf of the TAAT™ team, I express my utmost gratitude to everybody who contributed to our success over the past year as we continue to deliver an opportunity for smokers aged 21+ worldwide to make a nicotine-free choice.”

Currently, TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC US:TOBAF) is trading at mere $2.0300 and with the recent progress made by the company the pps seems to be highly undervalued. As always, follow traders vigilance and conduct your own due diligence before trading or investing in any stock. More info on TOBAF can be found at https://finance.yahoo.com/news/repeat-review-taat-provides-summary-133000678.html