Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: SRNE) Publishes Teasers Detailing Abivertinib’s Potential In COVID-19 And Cancer Treatment

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: SRNE) has published a Teaser entitled “Abivertiniv- a Franchise oral therapeutics for Cancer, COVID-190 and autoimmune Diseases.” The company plans to use the Abivertinib Teaser to engage in negotiations with interested third-party pharmaceutical industry players.

Sorrento evaluated Abivertinib in COVID-19 and NSCLC

The main highlights of the teaser include two-second phase studies completed for COVID-19 with a US trial in which 96 subjects were recruited and a Brazil trial that recruited 400 participants. The subjects received 100mg once-daily oral capsules for COVID-19 patients in the hospital. Notably, for the Severe Ordinary Scale, Category five COVID-19 patients show to be beneficial with the treatment after 28 days.

Results showed that Abivertinib reduce4d respiratory failure or death risk. In the US trial, the treatment reduced respiratory failure by 48%, while in Brazil, it abivertinib reduced death or respiratory failure by 45. Also, the time of stay in ICU was reduced by two days, with the average stay in ICU being 8.6 days in the abivertinib group compared to 10.6 days in the placebo group plus standard of care.

In cancer indications, abivertinib was evaluated in NSCLC in a pivotal trial that recruited 229 subjects. Among the 209 response evaluable subjects who had developed first line Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors resistance, 93.3$ of the patients attained tumor shrinkage at target lesions while 57.45 demonstrated the best ORR  and 52.2% attained partial response. Overall survival was 24.9 months.

Sorrento executes contract for the sale of COVI-STIX tests in Mexico

Recently the company announced the execution of the Mexico contract for sales of around 5 million of its COVI-STIX tests in Mexico. Since the launch of the COVI-STIX COVID-19 Virus Rapid Antigen Detector Test in July, demand has been on the rise because of their ease of use and fast results generation. The COVI-STIX test is a quick and easy way to screen a large group of people for school attendance, sports events, and other social activities. During the 59th World Boxing Council Convention in Mexico City this week, the COVI-STIX test was the test of choice.